Version history / Undo in Photoshop Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022


Learn how to store previous versions of your work and instantly undo all your current work to that version, saved or just closed files. All using the cloud servers on Adobe.


1. Version history panel

You can find the version history panel in the Photoshop window menu as well as in the file menu (confusingly). The version history panel shows the date and time of a saved version. The version history only works if the file is save to the cloud, it is not for your own machine. You can run through all the history of your changes and when you click and entry, the file will be displayed in the preview

2. To activate a version from the panel

Go to the entry and on the right side there are some dots, click that menu and you can name this version and you can revert to this version and you can also open it in a new tab, effectively creating a new file to work with with that version state.

3. What do you get

You get all your layers back but the history of the work is not returned etc but you can now select the layers and tweak them

4. How to save the work to the panel

Go to the save command and save it and it will be stored as a version. You can also close it and it will also be saved which is slightly confusing.

5. Marking versions

It should be noted that the version history / undo will be lost after 30 days, they are deleted. You can mark them and they will then be a marked version and will not be automatically deleted.

6. The ultimate undo

This means none of your work will be lost, you can undo all the way back to your earlier versions. Of course, it does depend on you saving the work as you go