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3D, Arcs, Arrows, Arrows 2, Art nouveau, Binary code, Christmas candles, Circles, Crescents, Crosses, Clouds, Contours, Diamonds, Dots, Flowers, Frames, Gothic, Greek ornaments, Grids, Hearts, Intense lines, Letter / type / text, Numbers, Overlays, Photo letter / olde photos, Polygons, Radials, Radial speed lines, Scrolls, Shields, Spirals, Swirl and flourishes, Trefoil designs, Triradials, Twirls, Vintage type

EPS Artworks

Gears, Wrinkles


Alien round OTF, Anglo saxon, Arches, Arrows, Battel type, Borders, Buttons, Circles, Checkerboards, Diagonals, Diamonds, Dinosaurs, Frames, Gears, Hearts, Numbers, Orbits, Polygons, Polygons 1, Robins, Ruff Stuff OTF freebie, Spirals, Squares, Waves, Zigzags


3D, Antique tiles, Christmas, Colors, Easter eggs, Plus, Polka dots, Stars, Steps, Tartans

PDF artworks

Free PDF vector shapes, Heart shapes PDFs

Graphic styles

Free Illustrator graphic styles

Illustrator brushes

Strokes, Wavy and curved brushes

Patterns swatches

Diamonds, Flowers, Hexagons, Mixed, More mixed tiles, Spirals, Squares, Stars, Starbursts, Swirls, Triangles, Triradials, Zooms

Illustrator symbols

Abstraction curved symbols, Broken circular tracks, Color rings symbols, Concentric circles / rings, Diamonds, Flare tool freebies, Flowers, Gradient meshes

Illustrator plugins / demos

Plugins V1, Symbols Plugins V10 set demo, Banner / Headline Plugins V11, Plugins V12 set, Plugins V13, Plugins V14, Plugins V15, Plugin demo V16, Plugin demo V17 'Patterns print' , Plugin demo C18 'Contour', Path Plugins V19 demo, Color path Plugin V2 demo, Plugin V20 set demo, Layers plugin V21 demo, Star Plugin V22 demo, Zoom plugin V23 demo, Plugin demo V24 demo, Plugin demo V25 demo, Plugins demo 26 'Lines tool', Gradients plugin sampler V3 demo, Multi tool Plugins V4 demo, Plugins V4 for CS4 CS5 demo, Zigzag plugin V5 demo, Perspective grid V6 demo, Perspective grid demo V6 (CS4 CS5), Vector wand plugins V7 demo, Symbols paint V8 demo, Symbols Plugins V9 demo, Spiral plugin toolset (five plugins tool experiment for 2017)

Corel Painter nozzles etc

Paper Textures / Grains (PAP) for Corel Painter, Nozzles RIFF for Corel Painter


Mixed GRD, lines TPL

Custom shapes

Animals, Arches, Arcs, Arrows, Art nouveau, Borders, Buttons, Contours, Checkerboards, Chevrons, Circula designs, Cubes, Curved frames, Diamonds, Dogs, Dots, Eyes, Frames, Hearts, Hearts 1,Hexagons, Kid / girls, Lattices, Letters / type, Mixed 1, Mixed 2, Mixed 3, Ornaments, Panda bears, Ringlets, Snowflakes 1, Snowflakes 2, Spirals, Stars, Symmetry, ThreeD / 3D, Tribals, Trims, Vintage type, Waves, Xmas designs

Styles / layer effects

Free Gradient styles

Photoshop plugins PC

Free Blur fuzzy plugin PC, Free Color percent add plugin, Free Noise phazed plugin

Free PaintShop Pro preset shapes

Embellish psp shapes, Free PSP Shapes sampler, Free PSP / PaintShop Pro shapes sampler, Flame psp shapes, Rosette psp shapes

Animate CC / Flash symbols

Free animate CC / flash symbols FLA format

Video tutorials on the free material (fonts) (plugins) (fonts) (graphic styles) (pattern swatches) (vector brushes)