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How to speed up (faster) Dreamweaver synchronize Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

Learn how to speed up / faster Dreamweaver synchronize. If you are frustrated with the speed of synchronization / ftp upload of Dreamweaver (you can also just write to Adobe and request an improvement) but you can speed it up by using the dwsync.xml files and removing them

  1. go to your finder / search feature in your OS

  2. search for dwsync.xml files

  3. once found, delete the dwsync.xml files found in the search

  4. Go to the files panel

  5. select the entire site or files you want to synch

  6. right click

  7. synchronize (and use your standard settings)

Obviously, backup your files etc before you do any of these operations (always a good idea to have a steady stream of backups of your site for each day or so anyway). You should now find this speeds up the synchronization of files to your site. I really wish Adobe would fix this issue which can result in very slows uploads if you have large (5000+ assets etc) as it just hangs as you start the upload. If this doesn't work, sorry. The slow upload may be totally unrelated to this but I have found it works on my systems. You may see some unusual uploads initially where suddenly a few files are uploaded but you should see for a while (until Dreamweaver clogs up or something with the files again) a lot faster synchronization.