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Path Eraser Tool in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021


How to use the Illustrator path eraser tool to remove part of a path in Illustrator ? This tool has no options, you simply apply it to the selected paths and the path will be removed. The path eraser only removes the part of the path it passes over. It has been around for a while so you should be able to find it in many different versions of Illustrator


Select a path such as a rectangle and add a stroke to it say of 20pt and then select it and use the path eraser tool over part of the top part of the path and from the start point of the path eraser tool to the end point release of the mouse, the path will be removed and you will now have an open path. You can repeat this breaking the part into multiple grouped paths and you will see the fill change to reflect the new paths created.


Once you have finished, you can always expand etc the design.


The path eraser does not work on type etc unless expanded as well as symbols etc. You can use in combo with the width tool as well as the brushes as well as the repeat feature in Illustrator as well as effects added to the paths and much more