Edit Tools / Restore / Reset And Find Missing Favourite Tools In Illustrator tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022



How to restore or get back your tools, say a particular tool is missing from your Illustrator tools box / panel ?? How to restore it or reset the tools ? Check out the video about on how to restore your missing tools.


The tools bar can be edited by going to the bottom of the panel and clicking the '...' This will display a list of all the tools available, all grouped in different categories. Scroll down this list and find your tool there and if it is highlighted then you can drag it back into the tools bar and position it where you want either in a group or on its own and at the top or in the middle or at the bottom of the Illustrator tools thus restoring your favourite missing tool.


While you are in edit mode, you can also drag the existing tools in the tools bar around so if you use a particular tool more than another then you can move those to a better position


While in edit mode, you can also move your least favourite tools (graph tools for me) into the list and take them away from the tools bar


In the edit panel, you can also go to the top right of the panel and select the menu and reset all the tools back to the factory default as well as move between the basic set of tools where Adobe decide which tools are key or the advanced which gives you the full set of tools. In either mode, you can still remove and move and add tools to the tools bar in Illustrator.


The same panel also offers the option to create your own tools bars and manage them as well.