PSP Preset Shapes for PaintShop Pro

Preset shapes are for Paint Shop Pro (Corel) / PSP 2018 X9 X8 X7 X6 X5 X4 etc for use on the PC / Windows 10 8 7 XP etc.

Price : $6.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


PSPShapes format


buy 100 Border and frames examples



Video tutorial about the subject by (youtube)


The PSP Preset shapes are all for commercial use, all are royalty free, no credit is required, all are by They are for use with scrapbooking, logos, books, illustrations, surfboards, hats etc. The PSP preset shapes are all vectors for any size of work and so can be set to any size such as 100x100 to 10000 x 10000. The vectors are all accessible via the shapes tool and then via the corresponding panel for the vectors. They can be set to any colour such as solid colours and gradients and patterns and textures can be added as can styles. You can add the artworks multiple times to any work. You can edit them in countless ways by using the pen tool You can use them as layers. You can use them in images. You can use them as a source for frames. You can use them as a source for stunning brushes. You can use them as a great source for picture tubes. You can use them as a great source for amazing new patterns. On purchase of the sets, you receive the vector artworks as well as notes and gallery and serial

So how do you install them ?? The PSP preset shapes are sent as a zip file which can be expanded using a tool such as stuffit expander or unzip etc. They can be installed in any folder you designate. To find the location of the install folder or change the folder to a better location, go into the application and file menu and preferences and file locations (earlier versions of the app) and locate the resource (there are many others such as tubes, frames etc listed as well). In the latest versions, go to the tool's panel and then display the current artworks and then click the little folder to set and add a folder for the artworks


Clearing items from image

If you no longer want the PSP preset shape then you can right click with the pick tool and clear. Or go to the layers panel and click the rubbish bin.


Colour settings for artworks

The PSP PaintShop Pro shapes are all vectors and are stored with an arbitrary colour (in most cases though some of the sets have bonus items and other colour effects attached to the decorative graphic).


Before you add the vector, you can change the default colour to be used via the materials panel (such as texture, pattern, gradient etc) This does depend on the retain style option though. The retain checkbox is found on the tool's panel


Change colour via properties

You can also change the colour fill and stroke etc for the PaintShop Pro preset shapes via the layers panel. Expand the vector layer and you will see the vectors that make up the layer. You can then right click that and go to the properties. You will then see the panel for the properties and you can change the fill and stroke as well as line style and width etc


Use effects to modify design

You can also further modify the colour of the PaintShop Pro preset shapes by using effects such as the "artistic effects" "texture effects" "image effects" "art media effects" and many more but any change with these filters will turn the vector into a raster format (sadly there appears to be no smart filter feature as yet available)


You can also add a new adjustment layer and use hue / saturation and colourize etc


Adding layers

Using the vector tool for the PSP preset shapes initially creates a new layer and then all subsequent applications of the vectors are added to the same vector layer.


You can see all the elements added to the layer via the layers panel.


If you wish to add the graphic to a new vector layer then you have to create a new vector layer via the layers menu and then the next drawn graphic will be added to that (and so on). You can double click on the vector layer to display the layer properties such as the blend, opacity as well as styles. You can click on the sub layer items and you can then modify the fill and stroke as well as stroke width and line style etc


If you crop the document, the vector layer remains untouched. The vector graphic can be still moved and rotated and the vector is not reduced down to the size of the remaining document


Add layer styles to the art

The artworks supplied in the sets can be used as is but you can also add lovely layer effects to the graphics (such as you would in Photoshop and its form of layer effects). How to go about adding layer effects to the vectors ?


Go to the layers panel and the select the layer (not the artwork as there maybe multiple entries for the layer). Right click the layer entry and select the properties.


You can then change the blend ranges, layer styles, blend mode etc


The layer styles are very useful if you wish to save the vector (and the vector can have styles) as a Tube


Apply transforms to the art

The PaintShop Pro preset shapes can be re-sized, rotated etc via the toolbox so any path can be changed to any angle. To rotate, use the shape tool by going close to the corners and the rotate cursor will appear. Pass over the top of the corners and the scale option will appear.


Hold the shift key down when you pass over the middle edge points and you can skew the the selected vector up and down OR left to right.


Hold ctrl and shift to skew in both directions.


Editing the artwork using pen tool

The PSP Preset shapes are not cast in stone and can be edited at any point so how do you go about changing the default supplied artwork ? Select the vector and then click the pen tool - it is just below the tool that creates them in the first place. You will then see the points for the current selected graphic, you can now edit them in countless ways such as shifting individual points or multiple points.


Select a point and then drag the point to a different location.


Click the nodes (or points on the curve) and you will then see the anchor points for that segment and you can then rotate and drag those anchor points to modify the curve for that selected segment.


Right click options for editing

You can alo right click the nodes and set various things such as node type 'asymmetric' 'symmetric' 'cusp' 'convert to a line' etc which are also very useful in modifying the graphic. You can also use the various options along the top of the app to change the angle of the anchor points etc.


You can also right click with selected nodes and flip, mirror, rotate, skew etc to create all kinds of new forms.


You can remove all curves by using the convert to line command with all the nodes selected.


Contract and expand artworks

You can also duplicate them using the edit command (right click with the pen tool) duplicate and then you can also use contract and expand (you can set the expansion via the top bar options)


There are also other options available to reverse the path, merge etc.


The options are pretty decent and you can use it to manipulate your paths in all kinds of ways


Flatten artworks

You don't have to keep the artwork as a vector. You can also just go to the layers panel and merge and merge all



You can also use the organizer feature of PaintShop Pro to scan through all the artworks you have, simply point to the folder and small thumbnails will be generated of all the artworks found - the quality of the image generated is less then desirable though. it does mean you can print out a complete printout of all the artworks (probably a better copy than the one supplied with the set in the ZIP).


View menu and palettes and organizer


Display graphics in shapes browser

You can display the supplied graphics via the tool options (you might have to go to the view menu and panels menu to display the tool options, though by default the toolbar is displayed).


You can also change the category but the third party ones are only visible in some of the categories such as ALL.


You can also specify the file location from this panel as well as how the thumbnails are dispayed


You can use them for







Kindle covers

IPad covers



3D printing models




Record covers







Blu rays




And many more


Creation of designs

All the sets on this page have their origins in the font sets. The vector designs themseves were all created in Illustrator. To create my artworks, I use my previousl created fonts combined with a text file filled with 100 characters (the basic keyboard characters as well as a few extra ones that are not visible on the keyboard) and this was then copied into the app for the text tool (they were spread over a number of different groupings as I noticed that version 8 crashes if too many characters were added so had to split them into groups of 10 or so characters). In the end I decided to use X3 as it was a lot more stable with the character groupings so this was no longer an issue. All the layers / characters were given a unique name otherwise the app might display a duplicate error. All the characters were then saved individually using the export command (I have a custom panel set-up for this, as that makes it a lot easier than going back and forth between menus). There may be easier workflows but this is the one that works best for me. It would be great if the application had a vector import (AI etc) and conversion feature but the open command etc have been fairly unchanged for a while now (relating to the vectors). Many of the font sets include many additional characters that cannot be easily accessed via the keyboard without using key combinations so you might see 100 but there may be 200 or so in the set and perhaps some more if there were a few variant sets included.


Free shapes

Embellishments and flourishes / Additional artworks / Sampler / Flames / Rosettes


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