Photoshop Brushes

Brushes and presets for Adobe Photoshop CC and others


buy Price : $11.49 US or equivalent. 13,000 Brush strokes in new ABR format for Photoshop and Elements as well as Affinity Photo and others and includes scratchy strokes, weird artworks, stars, ink, swirls, spirals, distress designs, weird artworks, frame designs, line artworks, tiles, numbers, hearts and many more. All for commercial use, all royalty free gallery of all the artworks included in the set


Free brushes sampler for use in your projects for use with Photoshop CC as well as Elements and Affinity Photo and psp etc


The Photoshop brushes can be used to create books + items for sale + notebooks + fashions + textiles + carpets + web pages + videos + fashions + posters _ illustrations + fabrics + coasters + hats + t-shirts + packaging + adverts and many more. Load the ABR files in Photoshop via the presets panel such as using the import brushes command. Load the ABR via Affinity Photo via the brushes panel. You can use the Photoshop brushes in 1000s of ways such as using thhem as a source for pattern designs, displacements as well as other presets. You can use them in different color modes such as RGB and CMYK as well as LAB as well as via different color channels. You can convert the designs in countless ways by adding effects to them as well as adjustments and layer effects and re-define the strokes. You can use the designs as a source for layers as well as backgrounds. You can manipulate the presets in countless ways by using the brushes presets such as adding different spacing and scattering and hue / saturation and textures and different dynamics to the strokes. The Photoshop brushes can be used with masks as well as using them as masks for use with shapes and other resources. You can use the Photoshop brushes as a great tool for creating textures as well as frames and also 3D models by using the 3D features in Photoshop. On purchase of the Photoshop (as well as Affinity Photo) brushes then you receive many different ABR files along with notes and gallery and serial. If you need to find out more, please check the tutorials on the Photoshop brushes / Affinity Photo brushes via the tutorial link at the top of the page. You can also find out more via the graphicxtras channel on where you can find out how to import the brushes, how to use them with custom shapes, how to use them in different color channels, how to apply effects to them, how to use them to create frames and a whole lot more.


Number brushes pack

Mist designs for Photoshop etc



House themed strokes

Letter / type themed brushes


Plus / cross themed set




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