Photoshop styles

7000+ Photoshop styles / layer effects are a powerful feature of CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc.

Photoshop styles


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The Photoshop layer styles can be used with layers as well as type layers and can be used to create wonderful frames and button designs and more. The presets include many different combinations of gradients, inner glows, outer glows, bevels, pattern overlay, contours, satin and strokes and many more. They can be applied as a one click effect in seconds or via the layer effects panel where additional shadows and glows etc can be added. You can modify the presets in countless ways to create a vast range of amazing designs for your works whether with shape layers as well as frames or brush strokes or with type and much more. The presets include metallic + intense + weird + basic flat + super colorful + surreal + gradients + lines and many more. All the effects are stored in standard ASL format and can be loaded into PS and PS elements via the presets panel as well as preset manager. All the presets on this site are royalty free, all are for commercial and personal use, all are by Recommendations ... "From my perspective, using tools from Abneil for Adobe ® leads me to places and creations I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily." from Carol Goodell Bingham Farms, Michigan, USA Member: MacGroup Detroit/NAPP


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