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Illustrator Brushes Creation From Photoshop Brush Stroke Tutorial Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

photoshop brushes to illustrator strokes


How to take a Photoshop brush and vectorize it for Adobe Illustrator brushes strokes tutorial, how to convert brushes to vectors.

  1. Create a large new document in Photoshop (2000 x 2000 say) and goto the brush tool in toolbar and set color to black

  2. Select a brush stroke to be imported into Illustrator from the brushes preset picker and set size as required

  3. Apply brush stroke

  4. Select document and drag to the library (create a library for Adobe Illustrator brushes perhaps)

  5. Goto Illustrator

  6. Open a document or new document

  7. Select the Photoshop brush and import into Illustrator for conversion to a vector Illustrator brush


Image trace in Adobe Illustrator to convert the 'Photoshop brush' into a vector

illustrator brushes photoshop face designOnce you have the image (however it is imported), you can then use it as an AI brush straight away by dragging it into the brushes panel (with the most recent versions) but if you want to use it is a vector imported Photoshop brush then you can convert it into a vector via the image trace command (or use the pen tools to create your own version of the brush stroke)

  1. Select the imported / placeed image and click image trace.

  2. Display the image trace panel and change the treshold as required

  3. expand the artwork.

  4. Create a small nil fill and nil stroke path and use the select menu select similar fill and stroke and delete all the empty paths leaving only the black path.

  5. You can then combine all the paths of the stroke using the pathfinder panel


Create Illustrator brush from 'Photoshop brush' (vector) by saving into the brushes panel

illustrator brush from photoshop brushNow you have the vector design, it can be imported into the brushes panel and used as an Illustrator brush (from a Photoshop brush)

  1. Select vector design

  2. Drag into the brushes panel

  3. set as a scatter or artistic etc stroke.

You can find our selection of Illustrator brushes (find them via our sitemap or search) perhaps of use and they can be combined with any of the strokes from Photoshop (as well as exported to PS)