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Abstract brushes

Abstract fonts

Abstract patterns

Abstract shapes

Abstract symbols

Adobe AI plug-ins

Alien round font

Antique patterns

Arabic swatches

Arc brushes

Arc fonts

Arch fonts

Arch shapes

Arch swatches

Arch symbols

Arc shapes


Arrow fonts

Arrow brushes

Arrow patterns

Arrow shapes

Arrow swatches

Arrow symbols

Artistic brushes

Art nouveau

Art nouveau fonts

Art nouveau tiles

Art nouveau shapes

Art nouveau art

Background tiles


Banner brushes

Banner fonts

Banner shapes

Basic fonts / eps

Basic shapes

Bat brushes

Bee brushes

Binary brushes

Binary code fonts

B&W art

B&W tiles

Blot shapes

Blurred ring patterns

Border brushes

Border patterns

Border shapes

Bow tie fonts

Bow tie shapes

Bow tie symbols

10,000 brushes

16,000 AI Brushes

Bubbles abstracts

Button fonts / eps

Button shapes

Button symbols

Car brushes

Cat shapes


Checkerboard fonts

Checkerboard tiles

Checkerboard shapes

Checkerboard swatches

Checkerboard symbols

Chevron fonts / eps

Chevron patterns

Chevron shapes

Chevron swatches

Chevron symbols

Chinese patterns

Christmas angels

Christmas baubles

Christmas patterns

Christmas bears

Christmas brushes

Christmas textures

Christmas fonts / eps

Christmas shapes

Christmas symbols

Circle brushes

Circle fonts

Circle patterns

Circle shapes

Circle symbols

Circular retro shapes

Circula tracks shapes

Cloud brushes

Cloud fonts / eps

Cloud patterns

Cloud shapes

Cloud symbols

Clover shapes

Color cuts

Color grids

Colorful spots

Color squares

Connection brushes

Connection fonts

Connection shapes

Connection swatches

Contour brushes

Contour fonts / eps

Contour patterns

Contour shapes

Contour swatches

Contour symbols

Cow brushes

Crescent brushes

Crescent fonts

Crescent shapes

Cross brushes

Cross fonts / eps

Cross patterns

Cross shapes

Cross symbols

Cube brushes

Custom shapes set

Dash fonts / eps

Dash shapes

Diagonal patterns

Diagonal fonts / eps

Diamond brushes

Diamond fonts / eps

Diamond patterns

Diamond shapes

Diamond swatches

Diamond symbols

Dinosaur brushes

Distressed circle shapes

Dog shapes

Doodle fonts / eps

Doodle shapes

Doodle symbols

Dot brushes

Dot fonts / eps

Dot patterns

Dot shapes

Dot symbols

Easter egg brushes

Easter egg fonts / eps

Easter egg patterns

Easter egg shapes

Easter egg symbols

Effect lines

Elastic patterns

Extrude graphic styles

Eye fonts / shapes

Face symbols

Female brushes

Fireworks symbols

Flame brushes

Flame fonts / eps

Flame patterns

Flame shapes

Flame symbols

Flash symbols

Fleur-de-lis brushes

Fleur-de-lis fonts

Fleur-de-lis shapes

Fleur-de-lis symbols

Floral symbols

Flower font shapes

Flower patterns

Flower brushes

Flower shapes

Flower swatches

Flower symbols

Flowing lines

Fonts / EPS

Frame brushes

Frame embellish brushes

Frame embellish shapes

Frame fonts / eps

Frame patterns

Frame swatches

Frame symbols

Frame wheel shapes

Frame shapes

Gear fonts

Gear shapes

Gear symbols

Goth shapes

Goth brushes

Goth fonts / eps

Gradient swatches

Graphic styles

Greek ornament patterns

Greek ornament brushes

Greek ornament fonts / eps

Greek ornament styles

Greek ornament shapes

Greek ornament swatches

Greek ornament symbols

Grid 100 brushes

Grid brushes

Grid fonts / eps

Grid patterns

Grid shapes

Grid symbols

Halftone fonts / eps

Halftone dot symbols

Halloween fonts / eps

Halloween shapes

Headline plugin for Illustrator

Heart fonts / eps

Heart patterns

Heart brushes

Heart shapes

Heart swatches

Heart symbols

Hen brushes

Hexagon brushes

Hexagon fonts/ eps

Hexagon shapes

Horse fonts / shapes

Horseshoe brushes

Horseshoe fonts / eps

Horseshoe shapes

House / home brushes

Illustrator brushes collection

Illustrator graphic styles

Illustrator swatches

Illustrator symbols

Ink brushes

Italian type 16c brushes

Jagged brushes

Jumble patterns

Kids shapes

Lace brushes

Lattice brushes

Lattice shapes

Lattice symbols

Letter brushes

Letter fonts

Letter patterns

Letter Photo antique brushes

Letter shapes

Letter swatches

Letter symbols

Line brushes

Line shapes

Link brushes

Mark patterns

Metaball patterns

Mice brushes

Mist brushes

Mixed patterns

Mixed symbols

Moire shapes

Mottled fonts / eps

Nozzles for Painter

Nozzles additional

Number patterns

Octagonal fonts / eps

Octagonal shapes

Octagonal swatches

Octagonal symbols

Odd bunch shapes

Orbit fonts / eps

Orbit shapes

Orbit symbols

Ornament shapes

Outline patterns

Outline shapes

Oval fonts / eps

Overlay brushes

Overlay fonts / eps

Overlay shapes

Painted letter patterns

Painted ring tiles

Painted star tiles

Painter nozzles

Painter paper textures

Panda bear brushes

Patch graphic styles

Patchwork square gradients

1080 Patterns collection

People / male symbols

Photoshop / psp brushes

Photoshop brushes collection

Photoshop / elements shapes

Photoshop / psp displacements

Photoshop gradients

Photoshop / psp plugins

Photoshop custom shapes

Photoshop shapes collection

Photoshop styles

Pinked edges fonts / eps

Pinked edges shapes

Pipe symbols

Plus brushes

Plus patterns

Pointed arrow patterns

Polka dot fonts / eps

Polka dot patterns

Polka dot brushes

Polka dot shapes

Polka dot swatches

Polygon brushes

Polygon fonts / eps

Polygon shapes

PSP Preset shapes

Prayer book type brushes

Radial brushes

Radial fonts / eps

Radial shapes

Radial symbols

Random grid brushes

Retroville custom shapes

Rhombus shapes

Ribbon fonts / eps

Richard the second brushes

Ringlet shapes

Ring fonts / eps

Ring patterns

Ring shapes

Ring symbols

Ripple symbols

Romantic mix patterns

Rose petal fonts / eps

Rose petal patterns

Rosette brushes

Rosette fonts / eps

Rosette patterns

Rosette shapes

Rosette swatches

Rosette symbols

Rotated manga brushes

Rough displacements

Rounded fonts / eps

Ruff stuff font shapes

Saw blade fonts / eps

Saw blade shapes

Scrapbooking tags shapes

Scrapbooking tags symbols

Scratchy shapes

Scatter shapes

Scribble graphic styles

Scroll brushes

Scroll fonts / eps

Scroll shapes

Shield brushes

Shield fonts / eps

Shield patterns

Shield shapes

Sketched faces brushes

Slice shapes

Snowflake brushes

Snowflake fonts / eps

Snowflake patterns

Snowflake shapes

Snowflake symbols

Snowmen brushes

Space alien fonts / eps

Space alien shapes

Space alien symbols

Sphere brushes

Sphere patterns

Sphere shapes

Sphere / globe symbols

Spiral brushes

Spiral fonts / eps

Spiral scroll patterns

Spiral scroll swatches

Spiral shapes

Spiral symbols

Spotted spots shapes

Spots of colorful / random

Spotted spread / blots

Square brushes

Squared textures / patterns

Square fonts / eps

Square swatches

Star brushes

Star flash brushes

Star flash shapes

Star fonts / eps

Star line brushes

Star patterns

Star swatches

Starburst brushes

Starburst fonts

Starburst swatches

Starburst symbols

Star shapes

Starflash symbols

Star stripe shapes

Step fonts / eps

Step patterns

Step shapes

Stone rock textures

Strange / weird brushes

Stretched line shapes

Stripe patterns

Stripe symbols

Stroke brushes

Sunburst symbols

Surface patterns

Swirl brushes

Swirl patterns

Swirl flourish fonts / eps

Swirl flourish shapes

Swirl flourish symbols

Swirl swatches

Symmetry brushes

Symmetry shapes

Talk balloon fonts / eps

Talk balloon shapes

Tartan patterns

Teeth fonts / eps

Teeth shapes

Torus fonts / eps

Torus shapes


Triangle brushes

Triangle swatches

Triangular cuts shapes

Tribal brushes

Tribal fonts / eps

Tribal shapes

Trim fonts / eps

Trim shapes

Triradial brushes

Triradial fonts / eps

Triradial shapes

Triradial swatches

Triradial symbols

Truchet patterns

Twirl brushes

Twirl fonts / eps

Twirl shapes

Twirl symbols

3D brushes

3D fonts

3D patterns

3D shapes

Urban London street scenes

Valentine shapes

Vector brushes 16,000 strokes

Vintage type brushes

Vintage type fonts / eps

Vintage type shapes

Vintage type / text symbols

Wave brushes

Wave fonts / eps

Wave shapes

Wave symbols

Weave patterns

Window frame shapes

Women brushes

Zebra brushes

Zigzag brushes

Zigzag fonts / eps

Zigzag shapes

Zoom brushes

Zoom fonts / eps

Zoomburst fonts / eps

Zoom custom shapes

Zoom plugin for Illustrator

Zoom symbols

Zoom swatches





A Abstracts, art nouveau etc

B Banners, Bees, borders, bubbles etc

C Cats, checkerboards, Christmas, etc

D Dash, diagonals, distressed, etc

E Easter eggs, effect lines etc

F Flames, fonts, frames etc

G Goth, gears, etc 

H Halloween, hearts, hexagons etc

I  Italian, Illustrator brushes etc   

J Jagged, etc  

K  Kids etc  

L Lace, letters, lattices etc   

M Marks, metaballs, mice etc 

N Nozzles etc   

O Octagonals, overlays, outlines etc 

P Panda bears, patches, etc


R  Radial, rings, rosettes etc  

S Scrolls, scratchy, starbursts etc    

T  Trims, tribal, twirls etc   

U  Urban London etc  

V  Vintage type, valentine etc  

W Waves, women etc    



Z Zigzags, zooms, etc  



Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist, tel: +44 1622 / 688 375 E-mail: support@