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Make a triangle in Photoshop / triangle tool tutorial Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

how to make a triangle in Photoshop tutorial


How do you make a triangle in Photoshop. Please note with the recent version there is now a Photoshop triangle tool !! And that is discussed at the bottom of the page as well as via the video above.


You can make the triangle by using the polygon tool. Set the sides to 3 and set the star option to NO.


Use it as a shape layer and make the triangle. You can rotate it, duplicate the triangle and more. You can fill the triangle with different colors. You can also set the triangle to no color and a stroke instead. You can make a triangle pattern by defining the triangle shape via the edit menu in Photoshop. You can use the pen tool to make all kinds of triangles. Select the individual anchor points of the triangle using the direct selection tool to create all kinds of different designs. This tutorial shows you a number of approaches to making a triangle in Photoshop

  1. Select the polygon tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Select the shape layer option

  3. Set the color of the triangle

  4. De-select the star option in the polygon options

  5. Sides set to 3

  6. Draw the triangle by dragging from the origin point

  7. Rotate as required

  8. Flatten


Photoshop Triangle Tool

Photoshop now has a triangle tool, basically it is the same as the polygon but you don't have to set the value to 3. You can also modify it by using the interactive controls. It is also a live triangle tool which means you can go back to it at any time if applied as a shape, and change the settings. You can also round the corners of the triangle. The best panel to manipulate the triangle is the properties panel which can be found via the window menu. With the tirangle selected, you can change the fill color as well as stroke and stroke style as well as add stroke styles / dashes etc


Draw a basic triangle in Photoshop using the polygon tool

how to make a triangle in Photoshop black

You can use the polygon tool to draw a triangle. The key thing is the polygon tool and the sides set to 3. You can set the color of the triangle shape to solid color as well as gradient and patterns as well as a stroke / stroke weight

  1. Select polygon tool in toolbar

  2. Set the star option to NO

  3. Sides to 3

  4. Select shape option

  5. Draw the triangle shape

  6. Set color to black

You can set the color to a gradient or solid color via the properties. You can duplicate the triangle shape in Photoshop by selecting the triangle and alt / option and shift.



Make / draw a stroke triangle using the polygon tool and the stroke to black in Photoshop

outline stroke make triangle in Photoshop
  1. Select polygon tool in Photoshop toolbar

  2. Set the star option to NO

  3. Sides to 3

  4. Select shape option

  5. Draw the triangle shape

  6. Go to the properties panel

  7. Set fill to no volor

  8. Set stroke to black

  9. Set stroke weight to 5px

You can then add dash styles such as dots to create a dotted triangle shape in Photoshop

Make a triangle pattern using the created pattern and then generate a new fill layer in Photoshop

triangles and making them in Photoshop patterns

You can make a triangle pattern by selecting the results of the above and

  1. Select triangle

  2. Edit menu

  3. Define pattern

  4. Layer menu

  5. New fill layer

  6. Pattern

  7. Select the triangle

  8. Set scale

  9. OK

You can also delete the background (as the triangle has been created as a shape) and then define that. That means the triangle patterns can be added over multiple layers without the need for blending modes



Make a triangle shape using pen tool

pen tool and make triangle photoshop shape
  1. View menu in Photoshop

  2. Show grid (makes it easier to create a triangle)

  3. Select pen tool in Photoshop toolbar

  4. Set to shape layer option

  5. Set fill to black

  6. Set to stroke to no color

  7. Click pen tool in top left corner

  8. Click pen tool in middle bottom

  9. Click pen tool in top right corner

  10. Click back to the first point

  11. Resize bounding box of triangle

  12. Rotate 90 degrees

All kinds of different triangle shapes can be made by using the pen tool. You can also select the triangle anchor points and move them to create different triangles

  1. Select an anchor point by using direct selection tool

  2. Shift an anchor point

  3. Select another anchor point and shift etc

You can then create many new triangles with the direct selection tool