Shapes for Photoshop, Elements etc

Shapes (PDF, Custom CSH) for use in Photoshop ® CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 and elements (PDF for Affinity Photo, PSP, CorelDRAW as well). Amazing vector designs by artist Andrew Buckle (Maidstone, England) Including stars, abstract, spirals, animals, frames, 3D etc. All royalty free. All in CSH unless stated.


Price : $3.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


Custom shapes collection (13,000 designs)


Buy 13,000 Custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc as well as elements and the set includes stars, numbers, hearts, abstract designs, frames, curved, tangled, edges, spirals and many more examples


vectors vectors


3D Shapes


Buy 100 3D / cubes custom shapes for Photoshop and elements (V50) examples


Buy 100 Mixed vector designs with a theme of 3D as well as colour PDF (V34) examples




Abstract artwork


Buy 500 Warped abstract designs (V15) examples


Buy 300 Abstract designs (V4) examples


Buy 100 Abstract artworks (V116) examples






Buy 240 Arch graphics (V74) examples


Arc / curved designs


Buy 100 Arc custom shapes for Photoshop and elements V126 examples


Buy 100 Curved artwork designs V159 examples


Buy 100 Curved vector designs V181 examples





Buy 100 Arrow custom shapes for Photoshop / Elements (V174) examples


Buy 100 Graphic designs (V164) examples


Buy 100 Graphic designs for all your projects (V58) examples


Buy 120 Themed artworks (V84) examples


Buy 560 Amazing designs for all your work (V22) examples


art nouveau


Art nouveau Photoshop shapes


Buy 100 Art nouveau Photoshop shapes (V53) examples




Buy 100 Banners / pennants V51 examples




Basics / essentials


Buy 100 Basic custom shapes for Photoshop and elements V192 examples


Buy 230 Mixed graphics V63 examples


Buy 100 Graphic designs V151 examples


Blots / splatters / spots


Buy 70 Blot / splatters / spots custom shapes for Photoshop and elements (V194) examples






Buy 100 Border designs V163 examples


Buy 140 Borders V91 examples


Buy 100 Borders V44 examples


Buy 100 Border presets V119examples


Buy 100 Edges V59 examples



Bow ties / frames


Buy 130 Bow ties (V113) examples


Buy 203 Bow tie designs PDF (V45) examples




Buy 200 Button Photoshop custom shapes in many different designs such as 3 hole buttons, two hole buttons, frames and many more. (V37) examples


Cats / feline


Buy 100 Cat custom shapes for Photoshop and elements (V120) examples




Checkerboard / checks


Buy 100 Checkerboards (V168) examples


Buy 220 Artworks (V40) examples


Chevrons / triangular designs


Buy 100 Chevrons V133 examples


Buy 100 Chevrons PDF V61 examples


Christmas / Xmas / festive


Buy 100 Christmas artworks examples


Buy 200 Festive art V42 examples


Buy 100 Xmas trees V106 examples


Buy 80 Xmas tree vectors V131 examples


Buy 100 Cracker vector artworks. VS8 examples


Buy 160 Vector artworks V68 examples


Circle / circular


Buy 100 Circle Photoshop custom shapes (V176) examples


Buy 100 Vectors (V158) examples


Buy 100 Circular designs (V57) examples


Buy 160 Circles (V73) examples


Circular retros


Buy 150 Circular retro shapes for Photoshop, Elements, PSP etc PDF (V20) examples


Buy 100 Amazing colourful artworks for your projects PDF (V17) examples




Buy 140 Cloud art (V38) examples


Clover / St Patricks / March 17th


Buy 250 Clover art (V76) examples


Connections / links / linear


Buy 90 Connections (V6) examples


Contour / offset / inset


Buy 340 Contour shapes for Photoshop and elements V35 examples


Buy 100 Artworks / insets V171 examples


Buy 100 Amazing vector designs V148 examples




Buy 200 Crescents (V27) examples


Buy 100 Crescents (V179) examples


Cross / religious shapes


Buy 100 Crosses (V167) examples


Buy 565 Designs (V9) examples




Buy 270 Dashes (V36) examples




Buy 100 Diamond Photoshop shapes (V118) examples


Buy 200 Diamond designs (V56) examples




Buy 100 Dog designs V121 examples


Doodle / sketch / drawn / rough art


Buy 100 Sketch / doodles (V122) examples


Buy 100 Sketchy artworks (V8) examples


Dots / distress / noise


Buy 140 Distress / grunge artwork PDF V27 examples


Buy 130 Noise artworks PDF V14 examples


Buy 125 Windmill and splatters PDF V12 examples


Buy 130 Super graphic elements PDF V11 examples


Buy 130 Artworks PDF V10 examples


Buy 140 Graphics PDF V26 examples


Easter egg graphics


Buy 100 Easter eggs (V149) examples


Buy 100 Easter eggs (V43) examples


Flame / fire / burn designs


Buy 120 Flame and fire Photoshop custom shapes (V39) examples




Buy 100 Fleur-de-lis shapes (V55) examples


Buy 200 Embellishments PDF (V23) examples


Buy 200 Fleur-de-lis designs PDF (V22) examples


Flowers / floral


Buy 100 Flower designs (V45) examples


Buy 100 Flower artworks (V173) examples


Frame embellishments


Buy 50 Frame embellish custom shapes for Photoshop & Elements (V198) examples


Frame wheels


Buy 130 Frame wheels (V137) examples


Frame / border / corners


Buy 100 Frames V195 examples


Buy 1100 Distress designs V19 examples


Buy 760 Edge vectors V20 examples


Buy 770 Rough designs V21examples


Buy 100 Curled artworks V5 examples


Gear / cogs


Buy 150 Gears / cogs (V23) examples


Buy 100 Cog / gear artworks / frames (V186) examples


Goth / gothic / tattoo designs


Buy 100 Goth / gothic (V88) examples


Buy 100 Graphics PDF (V54) examples


Buy 100 Goth designs PDF (V55) examples


Greek ornament artworks


Buy 100 Greek ornaments (V67) examples


Grid / layouts / table designs


Buy 340 Grids / layouts (V13) examples


Buy 60 Tabular graphics (V127) examples


Buy 110 Amazing graphics (V62) examples


Buy 100 Wonderful vector designs (VS3) examples




Buy 110 Halloween Photoshop shapes (V99) examples


Buy 1050 Scare / horror art (V25) examples




Buy 100 Super heart designs V75 examples


Buy 100 Calligraphic artworks V74 examples


Buy 230 Artwork Tiles V1 examples


Buy 273 Heart graphics V18 examples


Buy 120 Graphics V19examples


Buy 200 Heart artworks V42 examples


Hexagon custom shapes for Photoshop and elements


Buy 100 Hexagos V104 examples


Buy 100 Vector hexagon designs PDF V21 examples


Buy 100 Vector hexagons V175 examples


Buy 100 Stunning graphics V187 examples


Horseshoes / curved designs


Buy 150 Horseshoes V11 examples


Kid / Child / Children


Buy 100 Kid / girl / child designs (V183) examples




Buy 100 Lattices (V188) examples


Letter / type / text / alphabet


Buy 100 "H" Letter designs (V155) examples


Buy 160 "C" Type letter designs (V92) examples


Buy 623 Type designs in a variety of styles (V83) examples


Buy 400 "X" Vector designs (V79) examples


Buy 100 "Y" themed vectors (V125) examples


Moire dots


Buy 120 Moire designs (V75) examples


Octagon / octagonal


Buy 100 Octagonal graphics (V134) examples


Orbit / orbital


Buy 180 Orbit artwork (V33) examples


Ornament / ornamental designs


Buy 100 Ornament artworks V191 examples


Outlines / edges


Buy 100 Outlines (V132) examples


Overlay / textures


Buy 100 Overlays V103 examples


Buy 80 Overlays V102 examples


Buy 80 Overlays V101 examples


Buy 90 Overlay Designs V100 examples


Buy 80 Mesh designs V98 examples


Photoshop Custom shapes collection


Buy 13,000 Custom shapes for Photoshop CC 2018 2017 etc as well as 2000 gradients. examples


Pinked edges / frames

Buy 100 Wonderful Pinked edges (V138) examples


Polka dots


Buy 100 Polka dots graphics (V117) examples


Buy 50 Polka dots PDF (V5) examples




Buy 100 Polygons (V96) examples


Buy 130 Vector graphics PDF (V77) examples




Buy 150 Radial / bursts (V86) examples


Retroville artwork


Buy 150 Vector artworks V61 examples




Buy 70 Rhombus graphics CSH / OTF (V130) examples




Buy 160 Ring designs (V109) examples




Buy 100 Ringlets examples




Buy 80 Rosettes (V190) examples


Buy 80 Rosette designs (V189) examples


Buy 100 Graphics for your work (VVS2) examples


Buy 100 Beautiful art vectors (V46) examples


Saw blades


Buy 100 Saw blade graphics (V184) examples



Buy 100 Scatters EPS PNG examples

Scrapbooking tags


Buy 100 Scrapbooking tags PDF (V8) examples


Buy 100 Scrapbooking themed tags PDF (V7) examples

Scratchy / split / sketch / doodles


Buy 250 Scratchy designs (V18) examples




Buy 100 Scrolls (VS5) examples


Shield designs


Buy 100 Shield artworks PDF (V59) examples


Slice / sketch / distress


Buy 500 Slice / sketch artworks (V17) examples




Buy 200 Snowflake custom shapes for Photoshop and elements (V108) examples


Buy 315 Festive Graphics (V24) examples


Space / alien / interstellars


Buy 140 Space designs V41 examples


Buy 120 Artworks V94 examples




Buy 50 Sphere designs (V30) examples


Buy 120 Gradient themed artworks PDF (V30) examples




Buy 150 Spirals V153 examples


Buy 100 Artworks V3 examples


Buy 600 Graphics V16 examples


Buy 230 Beautiful curved designs V78 examples


Buy 190 Spirals V71 examples


Buy 100 Vectors V47 examples




Buy 100 Star graphics V7 examples


Buy 100 Vector stars V177examples


Buy 160 Stars CSH EPS V90 examples


Buy 100 Amazingly powerful graphics V48 examples


Buy 100 Stars CSH V111 examples


Buy 100 Wonderful designs PDF V67 examples


Buy 130 Vector artworks EPS examples


Star flashes


Buy 200 Star flash designs PDF (V43) examples


Buy 100 Star flashes CSH EPS (V110) examples


Star stripes


Buy 100 Star stripes PDF PNG EPS (V52) examples


Step / art deco


Buy 100 Step custom shapes for Photoshop and elements CSH / EPS (V178) examples


Swirls / flourish / floral / embellishments


Buy 140 Swirls V160 examples


Buy 100 Twirls V10 examples


Buy 119 Swirls V87 examples


Buy 100 Floral artworks V52 examples


Buy 170 Embellishments V72 examples


Buy 150 Flourishes V64 examples


Buy 200 Embellishments V28 examples


Buy 130 Celtic scrolls V32 examples


Buy 165 Celtic scrolls V31 examples


Buy 100 Embellishments V124 examples


Buy 100 Vector designs V143 examples


Symmetry / kaleidoscope


Buy 210 Symmetry Photoshop shapes (V97) examples


Talk / speech / comic / word balloon


Buy 100 Talk Balloon vectors (V49) examples


Teeth / edges


Buy 100 Teeth/ edges (V136) examples




Buy 200 Torus (V12) examples


Tribal / tattoo


Buy 100 Tribal designs (V115) examples


Buy 100 Tribal artworks (V157) examples


Trim / frame / border / linear


Buy 180 Trim / frame designs V81 examples


Buy 100 Vector artworks PDF V37 examples


Triradial Photoshop shapes


Buy 100 Triradial art (V135) examples




Buy 100 Twirls (V144) examples


Valentine / hearts


Buy 100 Valentine/ heart artwork (V139) examples


Buy 100 Romance themed graphics (V170) examples


Buy 100+ Love themed designs (V154) examples


Buy 100 Heart themed designs (V107) examples


Buy 100 Vector artworks (V69) examples


Buy 200 Wonderful vector designs (V26) examples


Vintage type / antique / historical alphabet


Buy 100 Anglo Saxon type (V147) examples


Buy 100 Rome 8th C. Artwork (V145) examples


Wave graphics


Buy 160 Wave graphics (V82) examples


Buy 100 Wave designs (V172) examples


Buy 100 Flowing artworks (V85) examples


Buy 100 Wave graphics (V112) examples


Window frames


Buy 100 Window frames (V150) examples




Buy 100 Zigzags V166 examples


Buy 100 Crackling intense zigzags V165 examples


Buy 210 Graphics V89 examples


Buy 900 Vector artworks V1 examples


Zoom / manga / effect lines


Buy 500 Zoom / manga designs (V14) examples


Free PDF

Free PDF artworks / Hearts


Free Photoshop shapes

Animals/ Arches /Arcs /Arrows/Art nouveau /Borders/ Buttons/Contours / Checkerboards/Chevrons/Circula art/Cubes/Curved frames/Designs 1/Designs 2/Designs 3 /Diamonds/Dogs/Dots/Eyes/Frames / Hearts/Hearts 1 /Hexagons/Lattices/Letters/Ornaments/Panda bears/Ringlets/Snowflakes 1/Snowflakes 2/Spirals/Stars/Symmetry/ThreeD/Tribals/Trims/Vintage type/Waves/Xmas designs


Commercial use - Royalty free - No time limit, no credit - All by - Secure sales via (c) 1995-2018 Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist, tel: +44 1622 / 688 375 E-mail: support@