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BEST Plugins / filters for Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 PSP Painter GIMP etc: Blurs, smears, paint etc

buy for the entire collection of 180 plugins of amazing effects for the PC (Windows) inc. blurs, gradients, textures, threshold effects, colour effects, photographic effects, contrast, extreme distortions , noise etc. 180 Plugins for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2018 2017 / 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc etc as well as Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 X9 X8 X7 X6 X5 X4 etc, Photo-Paint, Painter and many others for PC 64bit / 32 bit effects for use on the PC - millions of stunning effects. Price : $6.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes). On buying the Photoshop / psp filters set, you receive all 180 filters as well as documentation and a serial number for any future updates. examples

effects for photoshop psp etc

Many different Photoshop plugins are included such as

blur effects

blocky effects

gradient tools

colour effects


Photographic tools



threshold effects


warp tools

and many more

effects for psp etc

Video showing a number of the effects in the set (youtube)You can find out a lot about the Photoshop / PSP plugins via the graphicxtras channel on We are always adding new tutorials to the channel giving more and more details about the filters


Free plugin for you to download and check out some of the features of the toolset

Another freebie plugin to download and use in your work for the PC

Freebie plugin to download Please feel free to use the Photoshop plugins in your version of the application (you can also use them in other apps such as PSP)

The gradients effects Photoshop plugin 8BF alone include millions of variant gradient filter effects for the most amazing and unique colour effects around. Each of the Photoshop / psp plugins includes 100 different output modes along with effect modes for blurring and smearing and paint like effects; the 8BF tools also include zillions of colour options as well as gradient colour overlays and randomization options to create a vast array of unique wow effects. 64bit & 32bit versions included. You can also combine the Photoshop plugins in Adobe ® Photoshop ® using scripting and PS actions. From the creator of the Andrew's 1000 filter series.

blends / output settings

The Photoshop plugins / filters all include 100 output settings such as

invert the image

apply only to the red channel

wrap the colour, limit the colours to the current foreground and BG colour range

set to difference

darken only

different darken effects

Many types of tiling

zapped colour effects

Edge effects

Posterization etc.


Blending modes are like additional filters added to the tools so adding millions and millions of new creative effects for your projects. The filters all come with modes that can be useful for digital photography such as borders as well as invert, solarization, posterization, saturation as well as tone settings. Use the output and effects modes to tweak an image in 1000s of ways, from the subtle to the extreme

You can still use the standard blending modes with the Photoshop plugin filters and opacity that are available to the app such as darken etc as well as fade the result via the fade command. So just go to the filters menu and the Andrew's category and select one of the 8BF filters and then run that effect with the required setting and then go to the edit menu and fade command and select a different blending mode such as darken or lighten or change the opacity to 50% and click OK. You can repeat this multiple times with multiple filters from the collection to create all kinds of amazing colorful effects. You can also use the duplicate layer command (if flattened image) and then set the blending mode for the layer as well as opacity and then apply the effect and the image is then blended with the original.

post processing gradients

All the tools include 18 post processing settings such as applying a randomized blend to the end result of the filter effect and includes billions of amazing combinations. The randomized colour blends effects in the Photoshop / psp plugins and blends can add subtle colour changes to any image or text or layer. The colour effect combinations can range to millions and millions of unique colour effects such as quadrant effects and also linear gradient effects, square themed gradient blends and many more. You can also use blending modes and the edit menu fade command to blend multiple applied gradients to create truly awesome color effects with any image. These color gradient effects are also wonderful when used with a selection to create a frame. Apply the rectangular selection tool across the image and leave some edge. Go to the select menu and inverse the selection. Apply the tool with one of the amazing gradients and the gradient will fill that 'frame' selection - so you have an instant frame from the effects. You can then manipulate that even further with even more effects as well as the tools that come in Photoshop and PSP etc



The Photoshop plug-ins can be saved as an action so you can use the actions in batch processing / scripting. You can combine many of the effects, combine them with native Adobe ® Photoshop ® effects and save as an action. Re-use the action in future image processing.


effects modes


Effects modes to create amazing blurs etc

The PSP / Photoshop plugins all include 20 effects modes. If you ignore the effects modes then the result of the plugin will be just the listed effect such as blur or a noise effect applied to an image.


color modes


Use in many different colour modes

The Photoshop / psp filters can be used in RGB as well as CMYK and greyscale and LAB as well as in 16 bits / channel (for many of the features). Change the image mode via the image command in Adobe ® Photoshop ® from RGB to CMYK and they will still appear enabled in the filters menu, apply your effects in CMYK. You can also go to the channels panel and apply the effects to individual channels as well as use them via the split channels and merge channel feature.





You can use the Photoshop plugins / PSP filters 8BF tools in individual channels in most colour modes but you can also modify the end result on a channel by channel basis by using the red and green and blur sliders included in all the tools. You can make the entire image a whole lot redder or greener etc.


You can also randomize these by clicking the colour setting button.


red and green and blue

colour factors with all the tools

You can also apply a colour factor in many of the Photoshop plugin filters so the reds will be set to 110% of the red channel etc as well as adding the current red channel plus a set of 10 etc up to the allowed maximum for the channel (there are also wrap features which means the channel wrapping can wrap from 255 (white) back to 0 (black).


color effects

colour effects

The Photoshop psp plugins / filters set comes with 30+ colour specific tools such as contrast and colouring set and inverse and greyscale effects and each of these plugins have many different settings to manipulate the colour and colour channels in countless ways to create the most amazing colour manipulation around for use with photographs and images and paintings and designs and more. The colour options run into millions of amazing and different image effects.



Randomization features

All the Photoshop plugins / filters come with a selection of randomization controls such as the "Xtreme" which randomizes the most settings to the extreme, creating literally millions and millions of image effects.


The "blend" control randomizes the blend / output options so click the blend and the image will invert or a frame will appear or the red colour will become dominant


The "tweak" control included in all the Photoshop psp filters applies subtle variations of the current settings and will modify only some of the controls - useful if you are fairly close to a setting but just want to tryout certain close settings (good idea perhaps to save the settings before you click the extreme or colour etc as you will not be able to undo or return to the earlier settings




All contain their own unique tools settings: some are much the same in many of the tools such as a factor control which controls the colour of the image as well as the mix tools which control the blend with the effect and the original source image.


The effects also include dropdown combo boxes to radically alter the functionality of the tool, settings sliders such as intensity, mixing of image and effect, blurring, quality of effect and more. Enter the settings via the interactive sliders or enter the strength of the effect in a standard text / edit field at the right side to the slider.


There are also checkboxes included in the Photoshop plugins such as inverse or link r-g-b etc which links the channel information to the red channel settings (userful for greyscale etc effects)


add bevels etc


Alpha channel manipulation

If you apply the Photoshop psp plugin filters on a layer, the alpha channel can also be modified by the effect as well as the image itself. There are many different layer / alpha channel modification settings such as adding the red channel of the effect to the alpha channel, or applying a blend to to the alpha channel, or inversing of the effect, edge settings and many more. You can also then use the result of any alpha channel with the layer effects / styles such as unique drop shadows or unique textures / bevels.


color changes

Foreground / background colour

Some of the functionality of the tools use the foreground and background colour stored in the toolbar of PS and PS Elements etc. You can use that to create millions of unique colour effects by simply changing the colours in the toolbar



Gradient plugins

There are a number of specific gradient themed Photoshop psp plugins included in the set and these can be used to create the most amazing backgrounds as well as overlays as well as images and layer designs for all your work. Literally billions of amazing gradient effects can be created in seconds. The generated gradients can be combined using blending modes as well as used with type and shapes and more.



All the PSP / Photoshop filters / plugins include a large preview screen to show the effect. You can go in and out within limits. The preview in many cases can also be used as an interactive tool to change the settings of some fields, simply click the preview to select the colour or change the intensity of an effect



You receive the 180 8BF set in a ZIP (whether the collection set or the individuals) You should be able to expand the set without any additional software. If you do need some software to unzip the file, the best tool is probably Smith Micro's (FREE) stuffit expander tool. That should resolve any issues but in most cases. Once you have unzipped the set, select all the 8BF files and place them in the required path for your host application. Any questions, please e-mail us


The effects work with the new smart objects feature. You can add them to all kinds of layers and shapes and then simply go over to the layers panel and de-select or remove them from the smart filters as well as change any of the settings and the end result of the effect. You can move them up and down the chain of effects. You can use them in the video timeline as well.


'Totally fascinated with the graphicxtras tools', 'Use them 90% of the time for mixing colours to achieve artistic effects' - Jeff Wietor (


"In the growing market of filters Andrew's work shines above the mediocrity of mostly uninspired "effects". His work is not only inexhaustible in scope and variety it is original and fresh. Andrew's Filters, settings, do not just blur the distance between effects and art, his work is art. Welcome to the future." Dede Kafka


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