32,000 Photoshop gradients

Gradients for Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc and Photoshop elements on the PC and MAC.


buy 32,000 colourful presets for use in Photoshop and elements. Price : $6.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes) Apply throughout the application such as with shapes and via styles and fill layers etc GRD Gradients for Photoshop and Elements (selection)


The Photoshop gradients are for commercial and personal use, all royalty free, all by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle. You can use the presets multiple times. No credit is required for their use. You can use them without any time limits. The Photoshop gradients set includes 32,000 unique colourful effects for all your projects such as radial effects, line themed presets, harmony presets, columns, intense zoom designs, ring designs, noise themed ones, transparency filled effects and more. The Photoshop gradient set is supplied in GRD format along with documentation and gallery and serial.


Video tutorial about the subject by graphicxtras.comYou can find a whole lot more about the Photoshop gradients via this video by graphicxtras.com. You can find it on youtube.com. You can also find many additional videos about the colorful subject on our channel. We are regularly adding new video tutorials about this subject as well as vector designs and strokes and other resources in PS as well as in Affinity Photo, PSP, GIMP, Rebelle etc and many others.

effects added

Load the gradients for Photoshop via the presets panel and then simply select and apply to create all kinds of amazing colourful effects over existing images, combined with type, used with new documents, in selections, as a mask source, combined with brushes and more. You can use them in fill content for shapes or just create them as a fill layer and the fill layer can be manipulated further by masks and other effects and combined with patterns and other resources. You can use the Photoshop gradients as an overlay in styles as well as with features such as glows. You can add multiple overlays and merge them using blending modes and opacity as well as the in built transparency. You can use them as a linear designs with a defined origin point and length and angle as well as radial and diamond and reflected and angular design. You can use them as a mask with shape layers and other elements in PS. You can use them to control how much of the layer or image is shown. You can use the gradients in Photoshop as a frame for all kinds of images either using them with selections or using the in-built transparency. The frames can be super complex or as basic as required. You can combine the Photoshop gradients with adjustment layers and plugin effects. You can use them as a great source for brushes and patterns and displacements. You can use the gradients with Photoshop type either by adding them as content for the type and then manipulating that or combining it with effects such as using smart objects. Or you can use them simply as an overlay for the type. This collection of 32,000 amazing Photoshop gradients is a total winner and a set of tools that you can use in all your projects over and over to create magic.

radial design

Free basic set of Photoshop gradients. The selection is supplied in standard GRD format for use in PS and PS Elements. You can use them in commercial as well as personal products and projects, all are royalty free, no credit is required, no time limits imposed. The GRD file is easy to install by adding the file to the presets folder and then access the presets via the tool in the toolbar and related panel. Go to the panel and select the right side menu and select the file found in the listing. You can then select the presets and then apply them. You can also use them via layer fills as layer styles etc

Photoshop gradients can be used with super small artwork and the presets can be used with huge artwork. You can fill an entire document with the preset. You can fill a selection with the colorful designs. You can stretch the resource beyond the document so not all the color is shown so if you have a resource made of red and green and blue and then select an origin point in the document and stretch the end point outside of the document, only that percentage will be shown. You can also set the origin of the artwork outside of the document and then drag across the document and release within the document or again beyond the edges. Basically it can be used as a vector. You can also use them with vector shapes small or large.

The Photoshop gradients can be used in most of the color modes. You can set the color modes for the document via the image menu and mode. They cannot be used with bitmap mode. You can use them in RGB as well as CMYK and duotone as well as LAB and multichannel etc. Select the LAB mode and select the 16 bits / channel and then go to the document. Select the tool found in the toolbar and select one of the presets (in the case of our sets, 32,000 amazing colorful designs) and then apply. You can use a different number of blending modes when you change the mode as well as bits / channel so you may find that difference and exlusion are not available but this does vary. All kinds of amazing colorful artwork can be generated via the presets and image modes and channels such as applying LAB presets using a blending mode of soft light to create very diffuse artworks in seconds. Select the RGB image mode and 32bit and then all kinds of colorful combinations of presets can be generated with the image modes and blending modes. You can also return to normal 8bit mode and a HDR panel will appear to give you even more colorful opions such as edge glow and toning curves and tone and detail to modify

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