Patterns for Photoshop, Affinity, PSP, GIMP etc

Patterns / seamless tiles for use in Photoshop CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 (PAT) as well as Affinity Photo, PaintShop Pro / PSP , GIMP, Krita etc (PNG). All are seamless tiles. The sets contain PAT and PNG files unless stated.

Price : $3.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


added as type

You can use Photoshop patterns as backgrounds as well as combined with type via layer styles


3D patterns


Buy 50 3D tiles including circular, stars, embellishments, scrolls, squares, cubes, circular designs etc PNG V111 examples


Abstract artworks


Buy 50 Abstract / painted / drawn patterns for Photoshop and Affinity Photo (V70) examples


Antique tile designs


Buy 100 Antique tiles PNG (V97) examples


Buy 100 Antique tiles (V59) examples


antique tiles

Antique tiles for use in Affinity Photo, PSP etc




Buy 100 Arrow patterns for Photoshop, psp, GIMP etc PNG V80 examples


Buy 50 Painted arrows V71 examples


Buy 100 Tiles V49 examples


Buy 100 Seamless tiles V12 examples


Buy100 Artwork tiles for all your projects V51 examples


Buy 100 Seamless tiles V50 examples


Art nouveau designs


Buy 50 Art nouveau tiles PNG (V125) examples


Buy 40 Embellished curve themed designs PNG (V129) examples




Buy 100 Background patterns for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, PSP etc PAT / JPG (V32) examples


B&W tiles


Buy 100 B&W artworks (V30) examples


adjustment layers

Above, you can re-color any of the designs such as Black and white tiles by using adjustment layers such as hue and saturation


Blurred ring tiles


Buy 85 Blurred ring patterns for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo etc PNG (V123) examples



The border tiles set at a 10% scaling via the layer fill new content command / panel




Buy 100 Border designs (V56) examples


Check / checkerboards

Buy 260 Checkerboard artworks for your work (V3) examples




Buy 60 Chevron tiles (V120) examples


Buy 100 Chevron tiles (V35) examples


Chinese tiles


Buy 40 Chinese patterns for PSP, Affinity Photo, Photoshop etc PNG (V122) examples


Christmas angels


Buy 50 Christmas angel tiles PNG (V126) examples


Christmas baubles tiles


Buy 100 Festive Baubles V21 examples


Buy 100 Christmas baubles V43 examples


Buy 100 Christmas tiles V44 examples


Christmas / Xmas / festive / winter


Buy 100 Christmas decorations (V33) examples


Buy 100 Xmas cracker tiles (V78) examples


Buy 50 Christmas Painted artworks (V67) examples


Buy 100 Festive artworks (V18) examples


Buy 100 Christmas tiles (V15) examples


Buy 100 Christmas designs (V22) examples


Christmas teddy bears


Buy 50 Teddy bears PNG (V127) examples




Buy 100 Circle patterns for Photoshop, PSP etc PNG V103 examples


Buy 100 Distress tile artworks V91 examples


Buy 50 Painted Tiles V73 examples


Buy 100 Stunning themed circle tiles V72 examples


Buy 100 Circular tiles V27 examples


Buy 100 Stunning Tiles PNG / EPS VB244 examples


Cloud Photoshop / Affinity patterns


Buy 100 Clouds (V54) examples


Buy 100 Clouds (V52) examples


Buy 100 Clouds (V53) examples


Contour / inset / offset artworks


Buy 200 Contours PAT (V2) examples


Buy 160 Amazing Tiles PAT (V4) examples


Cross / religious


Buy 150 Crosses / religious tiles PNG (V119) examples


Buy 100 Artworks PNG (V116) examples




Buy 100 Diagonals PNG V102 examples


Buy 100 Diagonal Tiles PNG V101 examples




Buy 90 Diamond Photoshop / Affinity patterns PNG V118 examples


Buy 70 Tiles pack V11 examples


Buy 100 Seamless tiles V87 examples




Buy 100 Dots / seamless tile designs V31 examples


Buy 100 Colourful tiles PAT / JPG V24 examples


Buy 100 Amazing dot tiles V45 examples


Buy 100 Abstract seamless tiles V57 examples


Buy 100 Super colourful tiles V58 examples


Buy 100 Basic tiles V62 examples


Easter eggs


Buy 100 Easter eggs tiles PAT (V7) examples


Buy 100 Easter eggs tiles PNG (V55) examples


Elastic designs


Buy 50 Elastic / stretch designs PNG (V110) examples


Flame / fire / burning designs


Buy 30 Flames PNG (V133) examples


Buy 40 Flame tiles PNG (V134) examples


Flower tiles


Buy 85 Flowers PNG (V124) examples


Buy 100 Tiles (V77) examples


Buy 100 Flowers (V36) examples




Buy 100 Frame / border tiles V82 examples


Buy 50 Painted tile artworks V68 examples


Buy 100 Border tiles V25 examples


Buy 100 Corners V16 examples


Greek ornaments / meanders

Buy 140 Greek ornaments (V13) examples


Grid / table / layouts

Buy 50 Grids PNG (V112) examples


Heart seamless designs


Buy 100 Hearts tiles (V86) examples


Buy 100 Calligraphic artworks (V85) examples


Buy 100 Colourful valentines (V37) examples


Buy 100 Hearts (V38) examples


Buy 120 Romantic tiles PAT (V5) examples


Jumble / Mix


Buy 50 Jumble designs PNG V21 examples


Letter type / alphabet / characters


Buy 100 "H" Letter / type / text Affinity Photo / Photoshop patterns (V93) examples


Buy 100 Abstract letter tiles (V17) examples


Buy 55 Super 'Y' letter Tiles (V60) examples




Buy 224 Mark patterns B & W designs PNG / EPS (V99) examples




Buy 50 Metaballs PNG (V109) examples


Mixed designs


Buy 100 Mixed tiles V28 examples


Buy 200 Mixed black and white artworks PAT V1 examples


Buy 100 Colourful mixed tiles PAT JPG V32 examples




Buy 60 Outlines (V34) examples


Painted letter / type / text designs


Buy 50 "T" & "L" Painted letter tiles examples


Buy 50 Painted letter "X" themed tiles (V65) examples


Painted ring tiles


Buy 50 Painted ring artworks (V69) examples


Painted star tiles


Buy 50 Painted Stars (V64) examples


Buy 50 Seamless tiles PNG (V76) examples


Photoshop Patterns in bitmap format


Buy 2900 Seamless tiles BMP examples


Patterns collection


Buy 1080 Photoshop colourful patterns includes amazing geometric designs, gradient filled designs and many more for use in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 etc and use them in fills and layer effects and more PAT examples


Plus art


Buy 170 Plus artworks PNG V131 examples


Pointed arrows


Buy 90 Pointed arrow artworks PNG (V130) examples


Polka dots


Buy 100 Polka dot tiles (V9) examples


Buy 100 Polka dots designs (V8) examples


Romantic hearts


Buy 40 Romantic heart mixes PNG (V128) examples


Rose petals


Buy 100 Rose petal Photoshop / PSP patterns PNG / EPS V61 examples




Buy 100 Rosettes (V20) examples


Buy 100 Rosettes (V19) examples




Buy 40 Shields PNG (V107) examples


Snowflakes / winter / festive


Buy 100 Snowflakes (V79) examples


Buy 50 Seamless tiles PNG (V63) examples


Buy 100 Snowflakes (V14) examples


Buy 100 Artworks tiles (V29) examples




Buy 100 3D Tiles / spheres tiles (V98) examples


Spiral scrolls


Buy 50 Spiral scrolls (V106) examples


Squared textures


Buy 40 Squared themed textures PNG examples




Buy 50 Star artworks PNG V114 examples


Buy 50 Star tiles V105 examples


Buy 100 Artworks V96 examples


Buy 100 Amazing retro star patterns V92 examples


Buy 100 Tiles V81 examples


Step / art deco tiles


Buy 100 Step / art deco artworks PNG (V94) examples


Stripe / lines


Buy 100 Stripes V95 examples


Buy 168 Seamless Line Tiles PNG examples


Buy 100 Artworks PNG V1 examples




Buy 40 Surface seamless tiles PNG (V113) examples


Swirl / flourishes / embellishments


Buy 50 Swirls V40 examples


Buy 100 Artworks V39 examples


Buy 100 Artwork tiles V41 examples


Buy 55 Tiles V42 examples


Buy 120 Embellishment seamless tiles PAT V6 examples


Tartan / weave / thread


Buy 100 colourful tartan / weave artworks (V10) examples




Buy 40 Truchet art PNG (V108) examples


Weave / threads


Buy 70 Weave artworks PNG (V117) examples


Free Photoshop / Affinity patterns / samplers / demos

3D / Antique tiles / Christmas / colourn effects / Easter eggs /Polka dots / Stars / Steps / Tartans


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