Macro and change parameters for Affinity Photo Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022


The macro feature in Affinity Photo is not fixed, you can edit the parameter settings used by the effects included in the macro, you can change them before playback as well as during playback

1. Studio Panels

You can record all these steps via the macro panel found via the view menu and studio. You can record many different effects as well as brushes and commands such as adding layers etc. Go to the panel after stopping the recording and click the gear entry / settings button on the right of the entry for each filter or effect (not all will have this)

2. Parameters

Not all parameters are included in the settings, so if you go to the add pixel layer, there are no parameters, for the deform command you can only modify the parameter 'master' but not the position of the handles and the constraint. If you apply a brush stroke, you can modify the color of the brush stroke but none of the other settings such as scatter or scale or spacing etc. If you add a transform by scaling the design, the parameter for the transform includes the rotate, move etc. If you add a layer effect, the functionality is fairly limited and most of the parameters are not available.

3. Modify them before playback

You can click the gear settings and modify any of the parameters that are accessible. Simply change the value and go to the next parameter and so on, however it is not interactive so you can't see the result before you start (there is no preview). Click play.

4. Modify them during playback

Beside all of the parameters these is a little eye and you can click this to activate it and then it will ask for name for this parameter. Once you have done this for all the parameters in your macro then when you playback the macro, a panel will appear with all the entries added via the 'eye' so you can then change the color / master etc though this time it is interactive.