Graphic Styles Load / Install in Illustrator Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

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How to load and install graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator.


The graphic styles are a powerful addition to Illustrator combining effects as well as patterns and fills and strokes, all the graphic styles are in standard AI format

Display graphic styles panel via windows menu. go to the right side of the panel. Select the open library menu command. Select one of the sets. Select the other library option. Select

They are now added to the document library and can be used any time you open the document / art board.


Select graphic styles in Adobe Illustrator via the graphic styles library and adding them to the document's library

Go to opened graphic styles library panel.Click graphic style to add it to the document's panel.Go to a path in document.Go to the 'graphic styles' panel (for the document).Apply style

You can only apply the any of the styles in the current opened libraries as well as any styles in the document's graphic styles panel. Once the style has been added, you can then edit the style via the appearance panel


Location of the Installation folder for Adobe Illustrator - the styles are placed into the presets folder 'graphic styles' (user account or application)

The graphic styles can be added to the applications / program files folder.


The AI files can be added to the Adobe Illustrator XXX folder depending on the version you are using.


The AI files can be placed into the en_GB (or en_US etc) presets 'graphic styles' folder (you don't need to as you can always use the other library feature of Illustrator


The AI graphic styles can be added to the graphic styles folder and they can also be removed as well as renamed.


Installation folder for user account - if you wish to just load them without privileges or permissions

You don't need to add the AI files to the application folder, as you can also add the graphic styles to your user account instead (I prefer that for my own files). Go to the ~/Library and then application support / Adobe / Adobe Illustrator 18 etc / en_GB (or en_US etc) and the "graphic styles" folder.