Illustrator Swatches / patterns

The Illustrator swatches / patterns sets are all for use in CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc and are all supplied in AI format. They are for use in commercial use, all royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle. All are in AI Swatches / patterns format via presets panel


Price : $3.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


Arabic tiles


Buy 60 Arabic tiles (V47) examples


Arch pattern swatches for Illustrator


Buy 300 Arch pattern swatches for Illustrator (V44) examples




Buy 180 Arrow tiles V27 examples


Buy 350 Vector designs for your AI work V29 examples


Buy 460 Stunning vector seamless tiles for commercial use V28 examples


Buy 315 Amazing tiles for your vector work V11 examples


Black and white patterns


Buy 230 Mixed black and white patterns (V15) examples


Buy 320 Mixed Patterns B & W themed (V16) examples


Check patterns


Buy 450 Checkerboard pattern swatches (V6) examples


Buy 510 Checkerboard Pattern tiles (V4) examples


Chevron patterns


Buy 240 Chevron designs for Illustrator (V17) examples


Connection patterns


Buy 230 Connections pattern artworks (V36) examples




Buy 270 Contour swatches (V5) examples




Buy 220 Diamonds (V50) examples


Buy 210 Diamond patterns (V43) examples




Buy 200 Flower tiles (V35) examples


Buy 190 Flower swatches (V26) examples


Frame patterns


Buy 140 Frame designs (V49) examples


Buy 410 Frames (V20) examples


Gradient swatches


Buy 7,600 Gradient swatches V2 examples


Buy 1,100 Wow artwork patterns V3 examples


Buy 1,600 colourful tiles V1 examples


Buy 625 colourful presets for all your work in AI V7 examples


Greek patterns


Buy 160 Greek swatches (V8) examples


Heart / love / romance / valentine patterns


Buy 190 Heart patterns (V23) examples


Buy 160 Artworks for your projects (V30) examples


Buy 150 Amazing resources tiles (V13) examples


Buy 240 Heart themed tiles (V12) examples


Letter / type / alphabet / text artworks


Buy 190 "C" Letter patterns / 'C' (V37) examples


Buy 270 "P" Character themed designs (V33) examples


Buy 330 "X" Characters (V10) examples


Buy 380 "X" tiles patterns (V22) examples


Octagon patterns


Buy 360 Octagon Pattern tiles (V18) examples


Patchwork gradient swatches


Buy 70 Square filled tiles (V14) examples


Polka dot patterns


Buy 180 colourful Polka dot pattern tiles (V9) examples


Rosette patterns


Buy 240 Rosettes (V25) examples


Buy 220 Super colourful designs for use throughout AI V32 examples


Buy 100 Rosette pattern swatches V31 examples


Spiral scroll patterns


Buy 210 Spiral scroll swatches (V46) examples


Square patterns


Buy 330 Square patterns (V40) examples


Star patterns


Buy 260 Star pattern swatches (V45) examples


Buy 150 Star Vector pattern swatches set (V34) examples


Starburst patterns


Buy 380 Starburst pattern swatches V21 examples


Swirl patterns


Buy 200 Swirl / Flourish pattern swatches (V24) examples


Triangle patterns


Buy 200 Triangle swatches / Patterns (V48) examples


Triradial / triangular designs


Buy 100 Triradial swatches (V19) examples


Unusual / weird patterns


Buy 200 Unusual pattern swatches V41 examples


Zoom / manga / effect lines patterns


Buy 180 Zoom pattern swatches (V42) examples


The Illustrator swatches / patterns are for use in all kinds of projects such as creating items for sale + posters + documents + web pages + videos + adverts + videos + packaging + towels + fashions + t-shirts + shirts + carpets + ceramics + fabrics and much more. The sets include many different designs such as diamonds + swirls and embellishments + rosettes + frame designs + hearts etc. The artworks are all supplied in standard AI format and the patterns are accessed via the window menu presets section. The designs are all seamless tiles for any size of work. The Illustrator pattern swatches can be rotated and transformed in numerous ways. They can be combined in millions of ways by using blending modes and opacity and masks.


Free swatches

Diamonds (zip file download) / Flowers / Hexagons / General / Mixed / Spirals / Squares / Stars / Starbursts / Swirls / Triangles / Triradials / Zooms



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