16,000 Illustrator brushes

16,000 Superb Illustrator brushes for CC 2018 2017 / 2015 & CS6 CS5 CS4 3 2 1 2014 - an exciting set of vector artworks for all your projects.


Price : $6.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes). AI Brushes format


buy 16,000 Illustrator brushes / Strokes from graphicxtras.com, all royalty free for commercial use. Set includes crescent designs + wavy strokes + abstract line designs + triangular cutting designs + rippled work + dots and blots + scatter designs + rows + bits and pieces + 3D artworks + ink strokes + hexagons + hearts + diamonds + doodles + Christmas / Xmas themed strokes + curved artistic designs + weird designs + embellishment and swirls + frame strokes + arrows + circular artwork + rough and distressed + mottled strokes and many more. All are by graphicxtras.com / Andrew Buckle. You can use all the artworks in your projects in any numbers of ways such as creating items for sale + books + illustrations + posters + ceramics + fashions + fabrics + textiles + posters + adverts + web pages + videos + shoes and much more. No credit is required for the use of the set, There are no time limits or any restrictions on their use. On purchase of the Illustrator brushes set, you receive the AI files along with gallery and serial and notes. Illustrator brushes collection


The Illustrator brushes are all vectors for any size of work. They are made up of standard vector points and so can be manipulated in billions of ways using the tools provided in the application. You can edit them using tools such as the curvature tool as well as pen tool as well as any of the other amazing tools in the application along with third party plugins such as Astute graphics' plugins. So the first thing to do is to export them from the presets panel and once on the artboard you can use the object menu and ungroup to remove the bounding box for the resource. You can then select the direct selection tool or curvature (with the latest versions) and then move the individual points of the vector. You can also add additional points by using the add points tool as well as delete points by using the delete anchor point tool. You can then simply drag the design back into the presets panel and the work will be saved as a new resource for your projects (you can also use this approach to change art from scatter to art / artistic to patterns etc)

Video tutorial about the subject by graphicxtras.com (youtube)You can find a whole lot more about the brushes for Illustrator via this video tutorial as well as via the many other videos about the presets that can be found on youtube.com (graphicxtras channel). The tutorials give details how to re-color the designs as well as install them and use them as other resources as well as how to add effects to them and change the artwork in countless ways.

You can add new colours as well as new paths to the work and then re-define the artwork as a stroke via the panel. The strokes are super easy to load and use via the presets panel. You can add the libraries to your presets folder or you can simply use the libraries functionality to search for the AI files and load them as required. Once loaded, you can select any of the brushes for Illustrator and then use that in your projects. You can also save the artwork from those libraries into new libraries as well. You can also then use the resources in tools such as After Effects and Photoshop and Indesign etc. You can also combine the Illustrator brushes in numerous ways by using tools such as the appearance panel - simply select a path and apply the preset and then add another stroke and then add another preset and perhaps change the width or order of the application of the designs to the best effect. You can also then add amazing colourful effects to the presets such as using them with extrusions and blurs and gallery effects as well as zigzag and roughen etc. You can add the presets to tools such as the grids and polar grid and stars etc to create truly unique designs in seconds. You can apply the presets to a variety of paths in the applications such as standard paths, open paths, paths generated by the stroke tool, type etc. You can also manipulate the result of the those designs added to the Illustrator brushes such as changing the colour of the edge or the width or the profile of the artwork. You can also select the artwork and copy via the pasteboard and add the design into tools such as After Effects as well as Photoshop. You can also export the artworks to other applications and use the resources in tools such as Affinity Designer or Inkscape etc. The Illustrator brushes can also be filled with gradients as well as swatches and other elements to create ever more unique designs. Use to create logos, books, templates, kits, documents, packaging, wrapping, surf boards, fashions, ceramics, fabrics, textiles, backgrounds, wallpapers, shoes, handbags, t-shirts and much more. Approx 132 MB of stunning items for you to use in all your projects. If you have any questions please check out the tutorials link at the top of the page to see all the tutorials on the subject as well as check out our video tutorials on the subject of the Illustrator brushes on youtube.com graphicxtras channel.

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