Create Pie Slice In Illustrator

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Create Illustrator pie slices, go to the ellipse tool and make a path on the current art board / layer. Go to the little extend dot and drag that around the circle or go to the properties panel and go to the transform section and click on the three dots (...) and enter a value into the start angle and end angle.


You can go to the properties and click the ... button and go to the little design just above the scale corners check box - click that and instead of a design being 60 degrees say then you will end up with an inverted design of 300 degrees.

Appearance panel

Sadly the feature works only on the path and not additional fills so you can't set the value for one fill and set it to a different value for another fill. Select the design and go to the appearance panel and right click and add another fill. With that entry selected, change the color to something different from the first fill and then go to the effect menu and distort and transform and transform command and set the scale to 60% of the original. You can add multiple fills and each of those transforms can be different and they can all be re-colored. Use the duplicate item command (right side menu) and set the transforms to different settings such as 70% 60%50% etc.

Width profiles

You can use it with a normal stroke but you can also develop more interesting artworks simply by adding a different width profile to the shape. You can also use the width tool to change the stroke and tweak it beyond any of the profiles and create some truly unique forms. You can also combine this with the appearance panel and create multiple strokes

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You can store the design as a symbol. Select the shape and go to the symbols panel and right side menu and 'new symbol' command. The symbol is then stored in the symbols panel. The symbol is still live so you can edit the entry (double click the entry) in the symbols panel and modify the start and end angle. Any changes are updated in the panel. If you apply the symbols using the symbol sprayer, any changes to the source material means all the instances are updated. The symbols can be modified by sizer, stainer etc. Edit the symbol (double click the item in the panel) and the changes will be reflected across the art board. Even better, when you save it as a preset, save it in the dynamic form and that makes it even easier to change the circular / arc design.

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They works well with the repeat feature. Select a shape and then go to the object menu and repeat and radial and then set the number of instances as well as the radius. The pie slice settings for the start and end can be modified by double clicking one of the items in the radial object and you can also modify the angle and size etc.

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regular shape

With the shape selected, go to the object menu and shape and expand shape. You can then modify it in many different ways such as with the direct selection tool, the start and end values are no longer available. You can also quickly turn it to a normal shape by using features such as the direct selection tool to select the corner widgets and round the design.

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