Create A Zoom Effect In Illustrator

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For a zoom effect in Illustrator, select a shape, a circle is a great start point. Stars, squares, they can all be used. Use the properties panel or the toolbar to remove the fill from the shape, you only need the stroke. Set the stroke weight and color. The key panels for this activity are the appearance and properties, find them in the Window's menu.

Add via the Effect menu

With the path selected, use the effect menu and distort and transform. Use the transform command. Set the scale, set to greater than one hundred percent. Set the number of copies to more than ten. The preview should be on, if not, click the preview box.

You can still modify the shape

The shape can still be modified. The stroke weight and color can be altered. Dash and width profiles are also available via the properties panel Instead of a basic stroke design, dashes can be added. Width profiles to add a special touch with a hand-drawn look. The shape itself can be distorted by moving the anchor points and handles. Use the direct selection tool to drag and distort the design.

Appearance panel

The process is all live, you can alter any of the settings such as the parameters etc. You can double click the entry as well as change the fill color and stroke and opacity all via the appearance panel.

Graphic styles

It can be saved to the Graphic Styles panel. Instant hit. Select a new shape, click the style. You will now see your preset in the panel and this can then be applied to other paths or paths in the future.


Expand the object via the object menu and expand appearance. Up to you, you don't need to expand unless you find that a certain task is not possible without expanding the path.

Repeat feature

The app has just had a repeat feature added. Select the vector, go to the Object menu, and the repeat command. The Object will be duplicated about a central point. You can change the radius. You can change the number of instances. You can double-click one of the designs. Edit it, distort it, color it. Scaling and rotation can also be applied. Create limitless designs in seconds. To exit, right-click and select exit isolation mode. Sadly, the repeat feature is not an appearance. It cannot be added to the Graphic Styles panel.

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Record steps in the actions panel

You can record all the above steps. Use the Actions panel and record.

Use the Appearance panel to add strokes

Use the Appearance panel for additional strokes. Go to the right side menu of the Appearance panel, click the Add new stroke command. The stroke can be any color. It can be set to smaller or bigger than the existing stroke. Add multiple strokes to the artwork. You can also set it with different width profiles as well as brush strokes and more


Create dramatic type. Select a circle or square, and set the fill to nil, set the stroke to black. Go to the Effect menu, distort and transform and apply the Transform command. To create a zoom, set the scaling great than 100%. Set the number of copies. Go to the Graphic styles panel located in the window menu. Right side menu, create a new style. Type something. Apply the graphic style, instant zoom. The type is still live and editable. Use multiple rows for more impressive results. Change the color, change the width profile. Go to the Touch Type tool, located in the toolbar beneath the Type tool. The Touch Type tool manipulates individual characters. Move, rotate, scale the type. Everything changes such as the rows etc. If you want regular paths, go to the Object menu and Expand. Using the latest version, use the Object menu and Repeat and Radial. The result is still live. Modify the radius, modify the instances. To edit, double-click an instance. The Touch Type tool is available in isolation mode. Re-order the characters. Right-click and select the 'Exit Isolation Mode' command.


You can add multiple strokes to your design. Use the Appearance panel, right-click and Add Stroke command. The strokes are independent, one can be blue and the other, green. Set different widths. Set different profiles.

Warp / Envelope

Warp the shape? Select and go to the Object menu, Envelope Distort, Make with Warp. The type is now not editable.

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