Create a 3D Glitter Disco Ball In Illustrator

Youtube video on subject


Dance ... and disco 3D glitter balls all in Illustrator, how to create the moves. This all starts with a basic rectangle from top to bottom, a thin rectangle on the art board. Fill it with a gradient from the swatches panel (black to white) and hold the shift key down as you draw the gradient. Now all you need to do is to get a CD or DVD on and dance to your favourite 70s classics.

Distort and transform

Once you have that, go to to the effect menu and distort and transform and select the transform command and then set the copies to 1 and set the reflect Y on and set the move value (set it manually so you can see the next to the other one but it will be flipped). You can now enter 12 or 16 etc to fill across the screen (it doesn't need to fill the entire art board). Click OK.


Re-size the design if you wish, perhaps make it smaller vertically. Go to the same menu command and repeat it but this time set the copies to 12 or 16 but with a vertical move setting. You should end up with a grid of black and white and silver shimmery designs.

Appearance panel

You can change this at any time via the appearance panel. You will see the entries for the distort transform in the panel associated with the path, you can double click them at any point and change the settings.

Warp with top object

Make a circle and place on top of this grid. Select both the circle and the design. Go to the object menu and expand and then go to the object menu and envelope and use the top object command and this will construct a globe design / sphere. Youtube video on subject


You can also add additional effects to it such as blurs etc to the vector design. All those effects can then be modified at any time via the appearance panel.


You can re-color it any time by selecting the design and then going to the edit menu and edit colors and adjust color balance and you can tweak the reds and greens etc in the design. You can also use third party plugins such as Phantasm to tweak the colors


You can export the design for use in Photoshop etc by simply dragging the design into the CC libraries panel and then dragging it out in another application in the Creative Cloud. You can also just save the design as an AI file via the file and save and place that in other documents.