Photos (Apple) And Affinity Photo Extensions | Setup Manage Effects

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Go to the OS Mac preferences in the dock. Go to the extensions entry and then go to the Add extensions. If you have run your Affinity Photo installer then the Haze removal, Monochrome etc should all be listed in the 'Added' section. You can then click them to select them and activate them in Photo. You are offered liquify, develop, retouch, edit in, miniature, haze removal and monochrome. If you have used the beta, you may also see them listed as well. With them all checked, go to the application

Start Photos

Start the Apple application, which you may find in your dock or search for it via launchpad. Select an image and display. Go to the edit button in the top right. You will now see a top bar with adjust / filters / crop etc and go to the circle (and three dots) and click that to display the list of Affinity develop, retouch etc. Select one of those and then set the settings such as for monochrome or retouch. Once you are happy, click the save changes at the top right. You have access to many different features such as retouch where you can apply dodge, burn, sponge, undo, blur, sharpen, median, smudge, healing, red-eye as well as in-painting. You can set the mode for the painting as well as the width used. Apply the brush strokes to apply the blur etc as you would in the main application though you are limited to a round brush stroke. The develop allows you to modify the exposure, contrast, clarity, saturation, vibrance, white balance, shadows and highlights and noise reduction. Of course, you can do all these things within the main application but it is handy to be able to do this within a core application such as Photos


You can also manage the various features within the application, go to the three dots again and go to the manage and select the features you want such as haze, monochrome etc