Hexagon Shapes creation in Photoshop Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022


There is no Photoshop hexagon tool, hexagons are created via the polygon tool. Go to the top bar of the application and set the number of sides to 6 for the hexagon shape. You can apply the artwork as a layer (vector) as well as a path and also a pixel layer. Hold down the shift to force it to have the flat bottom otherwise you can angle it at any angle. You can set the roundness for the hexagon shape via the top bar. You can change it before you create the shape. Once you have created the shape, change the roundness via the properties panel found in the window menu. Apply the hexagon. It is a Photoshop live shape so you can always modify the roundness via the properties as well as via the live interactive control on the shape itself. Or properties panel. You don't have to create one shape, you can add multiple shapes and then use those via the layers panel and blend and change the opacity and have different colors set such as fills and strokes as well as different styles added to each hexagon shape. Either draw a new shape or hold down the alt / option and duplicate the existing one and then re-size etc. You can always convert the hexagon shape into a smart object via the layer menu and smart object and convert command and then add adjustments via the image menu as well as add styles as well as adding smart filters and the design is live and the filters applied are live and can be changed at any point You can now add smart filters such as liquify and blurs etc. You don't have to use the polygon too, the pen tool is pretty useful but I think the grid helps here so go to the view menu and show grid and then go to the pen tool and use the shape option. You don't have to keep the design as is, you can squeeze the vector design, you can use the various pen tools to manipulate the points and shift them such as the direct selection tool. Or use the direct selection tool to manipulate the individual points


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