Affinity Photo Gaussian Blur Filter Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

** Youtube video tutorial on the powerful smooth gaussian blur filter effect in Affinity Photo **


The gaussian blur filter is a powerful filter tool in Affinity Photo and can be found in the blur category in the filters menu.

gaussian blur affinity photo filter tutorial

You can use the gaussian blur filter effect in Affinity Photo with all kinds of images as well as using them to blur other presets

  1. Filters menu in Affinity Photo (to find the gaussian blur)

  2. Blur category

  3. Gaussian blur

  4. Set radius

  5. Click apply

The gaussian blur is a powerful destructive filter that can be used on layers as well as with selections and also channels and more in Affinity Photo. The tool can be used repeatedly with any image.


The gaussian blur can be used in all the color channels or a single one so you can modify the blur effect for the red to the green etc.


You can also use the gaussian blur filter in an Affinity Photo selection, you can apply the effect multiple times inside that selection


You can fade the gaussian blur filter via the layer menu and fade command


You can apply the gaussian blur effect to shapes as well as text to create all kinds of amazing designs