Fonts / EPS for Affinity, PSP, Word etc

Fonts and EPS shapes for Indesign, Pages, Krita, Affinity Designer, PaintShop Pro, CorelDRAW, Xpress, Microsoft Word and many others. All the font shapes are for commercial and personal work, all are royalty free and for use in any project. All the artworks in the sets are by / Andrew Buckle. On purchase of the sets, you receive the font set or OTF designs. They are easy to install via the control panel on the pc and via fontbook on the mac. The format is unless stated


Price : $3.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


3D font shapes for Photoshop, psp, Affinity Photo etc


Buy 100 3D fonts for Photoshop, psp etc (V43) examples


Buy 105 3D designs (V22) examples




Buy 100 Curved artworks (V143) browse


Buy 100 Abstracts (V138) examples


Buy 227 Rounded artworks (V74) examples


Buy 100 Abstracts (V144) examples


Buy 100 Abstracts (V104) examples


Buy 184 Drop artworks (V5) examples


Arcs / curved designs


Buy 100 Curved / arc artworks etc (V209) examples




Buy 542 Arches V51 examples




Buy 100 ArrowsV182 examples


Buy100+ Resources for your projects (V173) examples


Buy 100+ Arrows V166 examples


Buy 100 Artworks V109 examples


Buy100 Designs V108 examples


Buy 569 Artworks V8 examples


Buy 214 Beautiful and unique artworks V62 examples


Buy 100 Graphics V137 examples


Buy 234 Amazing vector graphics V1 examples


Art nouveau


Buy 144 Art nouveau artworks (V26) examples


Banner / pennants


Buy 230 Banner shapes / font for PSP, GIMP, Photoshop, Word etc (V82) examples




Buy 100 Basic artworks (V152) examples


Buy Price : 224 Basic artworks (V83) examples


Binary code / computer code


Buy 100 Binary code / computer code artworks (V185) examples


Bow ties


Buy 130 Bow ties V101 examples




Buy 100 Buttons V207 examples


Buy 228 Buttons V11 examples


Buy 100 ButtonsTTF /EPS V139 examples


Checkerboard / check


Buy 225 Checkerboard vectors (V14) examples




Buy 100 Chevrons V121 examples


Christmas designs


Buy 100 Christmas crackers font shapes for Photoshop, Word, Affinity etc (VS8) examples


Buy 282 Xmas designs (V32) examples


Buy 100+ Christmas Baubles (V165) examples


Buy 100 Christmas baubles (V93) examples


Buy 213 Festive artworks (V44) examples


Buy 100 Xmas trees artworks (V94) examples


Circle / circular


Buy 100 Circles (V154) examples


Buy 137 Circular art (V49) examples


Buy 215 Retro graphics (V50) examples


Circula Tracks



Buy 80 Circula tracks OTF examples




Buy 177 Cloud font shapes for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Word etc (V12) examples




Buy 100 Connections / lines (V202) examples


Buy 100 Connections (V197) examples




Buy 100 Contour font shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Photoshop etc (V190) examples


Buy 100 Artworks (V158) examples


Buy 100 Optical illusion artworks (V148) examples


Crescent font shapes for Word, PSP, GIMP etc


Buy 266 Crescents (V9) examples


Buy 100 Crescents (V193) examples




Buy 100 Crosses / religious V177 examples


Buy 596 Cross Designs V27 examples


Buy 100 Crosses V140 examples


Buy 100 Religious themed artworks V141 examples




Buy 363 Dashes (V80) examples




Buy 100 Diagonals V191 examples


Buy 100 Diagonal artwork V192 examples




Buy 100 Diamonds (V106) examples


Buy 176 Diamonds (V35) examples


Doodles / sketch / hand drawn / rough


Buy 192 Doodles / sketches / drawn (V7) examples


Buy 100 Doodles (V117) examples


Buy 132 Brush strokes (V29) examples




Buy 100 Dot font shapes for Word, PSP, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc (V184) examples


Buy 215 Unique and intense designs (V52) examples


Buy 100 Wonderful spotted designs (V155) examples


Easter eggs


Buy 100 Easter eggs (V149) examples


Buy 100 Fun designs for your holiday work (V16) examples




Buy 100 Eye designs examples


Flames / fire


Buy 179 Flame artworks / fire (V13) examples


Fleur-de-lis / embellishments


Buy 100 Fleur-de-lis vectors (V195) examples


Buy 147 Heraldic artworks for your projects (V34) examples


Flower font shapes for PSP, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc


Buy 100 Flowers V212 examples


Buy 100 Flowers V145 examples


Buy 100 Flower artworks V174 examples


Buy 100 Flower graphics V171 examples


Buy 102 Flower artworks V18 examples


Frames / borders / edges


Buy 100 Frames V199 examples


Buy 102 Intense and extreme designs V17 examples


Buy 224 Lovely designs for your work V69 examples


Buy 210 Curved artworks V36 examples


Buy 100 Unique designs for your works V107 examples


Buy 100 Ribbed set V111 examples


Buy 100 Window graphics V151 examples


Gear / cog / frame fonts for PSP, Affinity Photo, Word etc


Buy 100 Gears / cogs (V198) examples


Buy 150 Cog artworks for your projects (V208) examples


Goth / gothic designs


Buy 100 Dark goth / gothic artworks (V66) examples


Greek ornament / meanders


Buy 121 Greek ornaments / meanders (V42) examples


Grids / tables / layouts


Buy 100 Grid shapes + OTF bonus (V156) examples


Buy 100 Tabular artworks for your projects (V183) examples


Buy 100 Stunning layouts (V110) examples


Buy 100 Graphic designs (V147) examples


Buy 100 Wonderful vectors (V150) examples


Buy 100 Sketchy hand-drawn (V206) examples


Buy 100 Graphics (VSF3) examples


Halftone dots


Buy 100 Halftones (V133) examples


Buy 100 Screen font shapes for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Word etc (V134) examples




Buy 110 Halloween vectors (V87) examples


Heart / romance / love


Buy 100 Romantic heart vectors V181 examples


Buy 100 Beautiful romantic designs V180examples


Buy 100 Artworks V179 examples


Buy 100 Romantic designs V95 examples




Buy 100 Hexagon font shapes for PSP, Word, Affinity Photo, etc V211 examples


Buy 100 Hexagon designs (V92) examples



Buy 100 Horses (V157) examples




Buy 150 Horseshoes (V3) examples


Letter / type / alphabetical / characters


Buy 100 "W" letter artworks (V175) examples


Buy 100 "P" type designs (V169) examples


Buy 224 'C' Artworks (V70) examples


Buy 642 'X' Letter / type designs (V56) examples


Buy 100 'Y' Graphics (V113) examples


Buy 100 T and L artworks etc (V159) examples


Mottled/ distress


Buy 223 Mottled frames (V73) examples


Octagons / octagonal


Buy 100 Octagons (V196) examples


Buy 100 Octagonal artworks (V122) examples


Odd bunch



Buy 80 Odd bunch designs examples


Orbit / orbital


Buy 224 Orbit / orbital artworks (V79) examples




Buy 100 Ovals font shapes for Photoshop, PSP, Words etc V201 examples


Buy 100 Curved artworks for your projects V200 examples


Overlay / textures


Buy 100 Overlays V91 browse


Buy 80 Mesh artwork designs / backgrounds V90 examples


Buy 80 Artworks V89 examples


Buy 90 Stunning designs for all your projects V88 examples


Buy 214 Curved shapes V86 examples


Pinked edges / frames / edges


Buy 100 Pinked edges (V126) examples


Polka dots


Buy 100 Polka dots (V105) examples




Buy 100 Polygons (V84) examples




Buy 452 Radial artworks (V38) examples


Buy 219 Radial / retro (V64) examples




Buy 100 Ribbons shapes font for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo, Word etc examples




Buy 217 Rings (V30) examples


Rose petals


Buy 100 Rose petals V161examples




Buy 100 Rosettes (V188) examples


Buy 214 Rosettes (V85) examples


Buy 102 Rosettes (V19) examples


Rounded artworks


Buy 100 Rounded art (V162) examples


Saw blades / frames


Buy 100 Saw blades (V210) examples




Buy 100 Scrolls (V119) examples




Buy 100 Shield font shapes for PSP, Word, Affinity Photo, Photoshop etc (V213) examples


Buy 100 Artworks (V120) examples


Snowflake / winter / festive


Buy 376 Snowflakes V31 examples


Buy 200 Snowflakes V96 examples


Space / alien


Buy 224 Space / Alien artworks V81 examples


Buy 222 Space / alien designs V72examples




Buy 100 Spirals font shapes for Word, GIMP, Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc (V164) examples


Buy215 Spiral artworks (V47) examples


Buy 428 Spiral graphics (V55) examples


Buy 184 Spiral artworks (V6) examples


Spotted spots and random work


Buy 80 Spotted spots examples


Spotted spreads



Buy 80 Spotted spread / spots examples




Buy 100 Squares (V86) examples


Buy 165 Vector artworks (V28) examples


Star and starry designs


Buy 100 Stars (V187) examples


Buy 100+ Funny themed stars (V163) examples


Buy 102 Star artworks (V20) examples


Buy 100 Vector star artworks (V98) examples


Buy 217 Star graphics (V68) examples


Buy 224 Sparkly graphics (V7) examples


Buy 100 Intense graphics (V153) examples




Buy 100 Starbursts (V99) examples


Steps / art deco


Buy 100 Steps / art deco (V189) examples


Stretched lines



Buy 80 Stretched lines designs examples


Swirl font shapes for Word, PSP, GIMP etc


Buy 217 Swirl font shapes for Affinity Photo, Photoshop etc V65 examples


Buy 430 Swirls / embellishments V48 examples


Buy 100+ Swirl designs V167 examples


Buy 102 Flourishes V25 examples


Buy 169 Embellishments V23 examples


Buy 215 Embellishments V39 examples


Buy 134 Graphics V10 examples


Buy 194 Embellishment artworks V24 examples


Buy 100 Swirls V131 examples


Talk / comic /speech balloons / word balloons


Buy 108 Talk / word balloon / speech art examples


Teeth / edges


Buy 100 Teeth / edges (V124) examples




Buy 224 Torus artworks (V77) examples





Buy 80 triangular cuts examples


Tribal / tattoos


Buy 100 Tribal / tattoos (V103) examples


Buy 100 Graphic designs (V204) examples


Trims / edges / linear


Buy 428 Trims / Graphics (V59) examples




Buy 100 Triradials (V123) examples


Twirl fonts for Word, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc


Buy 100 Twirls (V132) examples


Buy 100+ Galaxy swirls (V2) examples


Vintage type / letter / text / alphabetical


Buy 100 'Minerba' artworks V170 examples


Buy 100 Anglo Saxon / historical artworks V168 examples


Buy 100 'Anglo-Saxon' letters type designs V142 examples


Buy 100 '8th century' art V136 examples


Buy 856 Letter / type / characters V61 examples


Buy 100 Vintage shapes V135 examples




Buy 100 Waves V100 examples


Buy 214 Wavy designs V60 examples


Buy 215 Graphics V63 examples




Buy 219 Zigzags (V67) examples


Zoom / manga / effect lines


Buy 92 Zoom / manga / effect lines (V4) examples


Buy 100 Vector designs (V205) examples





Buy 90 Zoomburst themed



Video tutorial on how to add a font / typeface on the mac



Free eps

Gears / Wrinkled


Free fonts

Alien round OTF / Anglo saxon / Arches / Arrows / Battel / Borders / Buttons / Circles / Checkerboards / Diagonals / Diamonds / Dinosaurs / Frames /Hearts / Numbers / Orbits / Polygons / Polygons / Robins /Spirals / Squares / Waves / Zigzags


Commercial use - Royalty free - No time limit, no credit - All by - Secure sales via (c) 1995-2018 Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist, tel: +44 1622 / 688 375 E-mail: support@