embellish shapes for photoshop / Elements pack 64

Updated :May 2023


Buy Embellishments pack 64 for Photoshop CC 2023 2022 2021 etc CS6 CS5 etc and Elements, PC and MAC. All the shapes are for commercial (and personal) use, unlimited. In CSH format. Also includes EPS vector shapes for other apps such as Affinity Photo etc. Secure sales on shareit.com / element5


romantic and heart vector design in 3D in green with grey shadow extrusion

The artworks in the set can be used as a great source for 3D designs and this can be done within the application via the 3D menu if you are using earlier versions of the application though it should be noted that more and more of the 3D features are being dropped from the application but the results of the artwork can always be exported to other applications via the pasteboard if using a vector shape to applications such as Illustrator in the Creative Cloud and then the 3D features in that and can be used to generate even more unique designs in seconds and the results can then be exported back into the tool and used as a layer and combined with other layers via rasterise or merging or using blending modes and opacity with the artwork.