Place Elements in Nozzles In Corel Painter

WhereYou can find it in Painter Effects and Esoterica and Place Elements. You can use to create all kinds of amazing designs with your Image Hose dabs settingsUnfortunately, it does not have a preview so it is a very hit and miss operation unless you understand the settings. I always find that setting a tool to the extremes is always a good test and perhaps setting it midway to see the differences in the results. Even then it is not obvious and the command has probably more depths to discover. For the example, I am using the stones in the default set, (you should have the stones as a default) and use with iterations 1, points 100, levels 1, radius fraction 0, oversizing 2, ambient amount 1, cull interiors is probably pretty good for filling most of the document or selection Oversize maxSet the oversizing to the max and the artworks are placed in the centerTinting Set the ambient amount low and the the current additional color is used to tint the artwork so if it is red then the nozzles will all end up being fairly red in parts of the image. You can always apply the command multiple times and use different colors so the first apply can be in amber and then the next apply in blue and so on and you will end up with a super colorful nozzle filled designLimited applyYou can set the number of elements to a low setting to reduce the number of generated nozzles. You can apply the tool multiple times with the low setting and add more and more to the image (or perhaps to layers). You can also then just combine the effect with blurs and apply surface etc. Again, because of the lack of preview means it is a hit and miss operation. Using with layersYou do not need to just apply the effect to the background, you can apply it to a layer and use that to duplicate the layers to place the artworks all over the image (especially if you use the oversizing to the max). Create new layer via the layer menu and then use the command found in the esoterica menu and set the oversizing to 2 and click OK. Use the layer adjuster in the toolbar to move the place elements layer and also hold down the alt / option to duplicate and make multiple copies of the artwork as well as use the edit transform to scale the artwork and on the right you can see multiple elements but with a drop shadow added via the effects and objects menuUse with selectionsYou can also use the command with selections such as a standard circular or square selection but also with type and other selections. Create a selection by creating some type and layers menu and drop and select and fill using the esoterica command applied multiple times. The results can be combined with other effects as well as re-applying the command multiple times.