Brushes for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, GIMP, PSP etc

The brushes are for use in Photoshop (ABR) CC 2018 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc as well as Photoshop Elements. The sets often also include PNG files which can also be used in Affinity Photo, GIMP, Krita, PaintShop Pro / PSP, PaintStorm etc. The sets include ABR / PNG format files unless specified


Price : $3.49 US dollars each or equivalent in Euros, GBP (excluding taxes)


Brushes collection

Buy 10,000 Photoshop Brush strokes in new ABR format for Photoshop and Elements as well as Affinity Photo and others and includes scratchy strokes, weird artworks, stars, ink, swirls, spirals, distress designs, weird artworks, frame designs, line artworks, tiles, numbers, hearts and many more. All for commercial use, all royalty free examples






Buy 100 3D graphics V100 examples


Buy 100 3D designs V101 examples




Buy 164 Abstract / tribal designs for use in multiple applications. The set includes the ABR in CC 2018 format for use in Painter etc. Many different weird and wonderful artworks are included. (V64) examples




Buy 86 Arcs PNG / EPS (V175) examples


Archimedean spirals


Buy 100 Archimedean spirals (V108) examples




Arrow Photoshop brushes

Buy 170 Arrow brushes for Photoshop, Affinity, PSP etc (V114) examples


Buy 100 Arrow designs (V86) examples


Buy 100 Arrow strokes (V115) examples


Buy 100 Designs (V116) examples


Buy 100 Arrows (V117) examples


Buy 100 Arrows (V118) examples


Buy 100 Arrow strokes (V119) examples


Buy 100 Graphics ABR / PNG (V120) examples


Art nouveau


Buy 100 Art nouveau designs (V23) examples




Buy 150 Banners for commercial use, all royalty free V171examples




Buy 150 Bat themed ABR PNG (V210) examples




Buy 88 Bee strokes (V205) examples


Binary code / computer code


Buy 100 Binary codes (V165) examples


Borders / frames


Buy 100 Borders V151 examples


Buy 100 Strokes V27 examples


Buy 30 Edge artworks V47 examples


Buy 100 Border designs V105 examples


Buy 100 Strokes V106 examples


Bubble designs


Buy 40 (Abstract) Bubbles PNG examples




Buy 150 Car themed designs (V209) examples


Checkerboards / checks


Buy 100 Checkerboards ABR / EPS (V157) examples


Buy 50 Checkerboards (V80) examples


Christmas / festive / Xmas


Buy 100 Christmas crackers V84 examples


Buy 25 Angel strokes V41 examples


Buy 35 Christmas baubles V55 examples


Buy 30 Christmas Candles V42 examples


Buy 50 Decorations V82 examples


Buy 30 Strokes PNG V46 examples


Buy 100 Strokes V35 examples


Buy 25 Holly strokes V40examples


Buy 160 Strokes V83 examples




Buy 100 Circles PNG / EPS (V244) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V26) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V140) examples




Buy 100 Clouds V129 examples


Buy 100 Clouds V130 examples


Buy 100 Photoshop / affinity cloud brushes V131 examples


Colour cuts


Buy 40 colour cuts designs PNG AI EPS examples


Colour grids


Buy 40 colour grids EPS PNG AI PDF examples


Colour squars


Buy 40 colour squares EPS AI PDF PNG examples


Colour spots


Buy 40 colourful Photoshop / Affinity brushes filled with random spots PNG examples




Buy 30 Connections (V53) examples


Buy 60 Amazing strokes PNG (V222) examples


Contour / offset / inset designs


Buy 50 Contours PNG (V198) examples


Buy 100 Contours EPS examples




Buy 90 Cow designs (V79) examples


Crescents / curved art


Buy 200 Crescent Photoshop / Affinity brushes (V73) examples


Buy 100 Crescents PNG (V167) examples


Cross / religious


Buy 100 Crosses (V169) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V155) examples


Buy 100 Crosses (V154) examples


Buy 120 Strokes (V58) examples


Buy 100 Crosses ABR /EPS (V156) examples




Buy 100 Cubes (V98) examples




Buy 150 Diamonds PNG EPS (V163) examples


Buy 100 Diamonds (V25) examples




Buy 160 Dinosaur / T-Rex etc (V85) examples




Buy 100 Distress circle artwork (V164) examples




Buy 100 Dots (V104) examples


Buy 110 Random spotted graphics (V9) examples


Buy 30 Strokes (V45) examples


Buy 100 Splatter designs ABR (V6) examples


Buy 100 Moire designs PNG (V102) examples


Buy 50 Hi-impact stroke designs (V143) examples


Easter eggs


Buy 100 Easter eggs (V132) examples


Buy 100 Artworks (V69) examples


Buy 100 Easter themed designs for many applications (V67) examples


Effect line / manga


Buy 40 Effect line art PNG EPS PDF / AI examples


Female / woman designs


Buy 138 Female strokes PNG (V173) examples


Buy 92 Female strokes PNG (V200) examples


Flame / fire / burning


Buy 110 Flames (V14) examples


Buy 100 Flame designs (V133) examples


Buy 100 Fiery artworks for your work (V134) examples


Buy 100 Fire themed strokes PNG (V135) examples


Buy 100 Hi-impact fiery designs (V136) examples




Buy 100 Fleur-de-lis + 100 EPS (V24) examples




Buy 160 Flowers EPS (V147) examples


Buy 100 Strokes EPS / ABR (V146) examples


Buy 100 Flower designs (V18) examples


Flowing line / textures


Buy 40 Flowing lines / textures PNG AI PDF and EPS examples




Buy 100 Frames V74 examples


Buy 100 Crinkled frames V81 examples


Frame embellishments


Buy 70 Frame embellishments EPS (V234) examples




Buy 100 Goth / gothic artwork (V66) examples


Greek ornament / meanders


Buy 100 Greek ornament / meanders PNG (V160) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V33) examples


Grid 100 designs


Buy 100 Grids EPS (V239) examples




Buy 50 Grids PNG (V220) examples




Buy 100 Heart strokes (V159) examples


Buy 100 Artworks (V172) examples


Buy 50 Valentine themed artworks (V56) examples


Buy 100 Romantic strokes (V94) examples


Buy 100 Beautiful love themed designs (V38) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V59) examples


Buy 100 Romance / valentine themed designs (V90) examples




Buy Hen designs for your projects PNG (V208) examples




Buy 200 Hexagons PNG (V96) examples




Buy 200 Horseshoes (V233) examples


House themed designs


Buy 60 House themed art PNG (V226) examples




Buy 100 Ink designs (V68) examples


Buy 100 Ink effects (V70) examples


Buy 60 Ink artwork (V137) examples


Buy 200 Photoshop Tangled strokes ABR (V7) examples


Buy 150 Strokes ABR format only (V8) examples


Buy 188 Ink designs ABR


Italian type / historical / 16c


Buy Many Italian 16c type / letter artworks EPS and JPG and AI and SVG examples




Buy 200 Jagged Strokes PNG (V204) examples


Buy 100 Jagged Affinity Photo / Photoshop brushes PNG (V192) examples




Buy 40 Lace artworks PNG (V159) examples


Lattices / lines


Buy 50 Lattices PNG examples


Buy 200 Lattices ABR V10 + 100 EPS Variants examples


Letter / type / text / alphabetical


Buy 50 Letters "X" PNG (V197) examples


Buy 30 'X' Strokes (V43) examples


Buy 100 'W' Type strokes PNG (V149) examples


Buy 100 'Y' Characters (V128) examples


Letter / photo / antique


Buy 50 Photo letter / antique artworks JPG (V190) examples


Buy 50 Antique Type JPG (V189) examples


Buy 50 Graphics JPG(V188) examples


Buy 50 Photo texts JPG (V187) examples


Buy 50 Type images JPG (V186) examples


Buy 50 Amazing artworks JPG (V185) examples


Buy 50 Type strokes JPG(V184) examples


Line / linear


Buy 70 Line artworks PNG V178 examples


Buy 150 Linear designs V32 examples


Buy 100 Strokes V168 examples


Buy 100 Lines ABR V1 examples




Buy 140 Link brushes for Affinity Photo, Photoshop etc EPS V241 examples


Mice / mouse


Buy 100 Mice strokes PNG examples




Buy 100 Mist designs examples


Number / numerical


Buy 100 Number strokes PNG (V219) examples




Buy 36 Overlays (V54) examples


Panda bears


Buy 190 Panda bear strokes PNG (V180) examples


Buy 100 Animal strokes PNG (V179) examples




Buy 400 Plus brushes for Affinity Photo, Photoshop etc EPS (V236) examples


Polka dots


Buy 100 Polka dot brushes for Photoshop, psp etc PNG (V194) examples


Buy 100 Polka dots (V103) examples




Buy 150 Polygons (V95) examples


Buy 100 Polygon strokes (V39) examples


Prayer book / Durer / letter type


Buy 400 Prayer book / Durer alphabet strokes EPS (V238) examples




Buy 100 Retro radial designs (V28) examples


Buy 600 Hi-impact designs for your work ABR only (V4) examples


Random grid


Buy 200 Random Grid colour artworks EPS (V240) examples


Richard 2nd / historical / alphabet designs


Buy 100 Richard the Second text art / type / text PNG (V223) examples




Buy 100 Rosette strokes PNG V191 examples


Buy 100 Artworks for your work V19 examples


Buy 30 Strokes. V52 examples


Buy 30 Rosette artworks V51examples


Buy 30 Rosettes V50 examples


Buy 30 Artworks V49 examples


Buy 30 Intricate designs V48 examples


Rotated manga


Buy 130 Rotated manga artworks EPS (V235) examples




Buy 100 Scroll strokes PNG (V214) examples


Buy 100 Artworks PNG (V182) examples


Buy 100 Celtic Strokes (V12) examples


Shield brushes for Photoshop, psp, Affinity Photo etc


Buy 150 Shieldsexamples


Sketched faces


Buy 70 Sketched faces PNG examples


Snowflakes / winter / Xmas


Buy 64 Snowflake designs PNG V201 examples


Buy 100 Snowflakes PNG V145 examples


Buy 100 Wintery strokes V34examples


Buy 100 Artworks V148 examples




Buy 100 Snowmen PNG (V215) examples




Buy 190 Spheres (V17) examples


Buy 100 Sphere Strokes (V99) examples




Buy 100 Spiral Photoshop / Affinity Photo / PSP brushes V113examples


Buy 50 Strokes for your projects PNG V1 examples


Buy 50 Spiral artworks V44 examples


Buy 120 Spiral designs V16 examples


Buy 100 Spirals V107 examples


Buy 100 Archimedean spirals V108 examples


Buy 100 Spiral strokes V109 examples


Buy 100 Spiral designs V110 examples


Buy 100 Powerful strokes V111 examples


Buy 100 Spiral designs V112 examples


Square splatters


Buy 100 Square splatters ABR / EPS (V152) examples




Buy 100 Stars V166 examples


Buy 100 Strokes s V150 examples


Buy 50 Artworks V142 examples


Buy 100 Star designs V15 examples


Buy 100 Starburst artworks V122 examples


Buy 100 Unique stroke designs V123 examples


Buy 100 Super stars V124 examples


Buy 100 Intense designs V141 examples




Buy 100 Starbursts V21 examples


Buy 100 Starbursts V62 examples


Star flashes


Buy 100 Star flashes (V63) examples


Star lines


Buy 125 Star lines EPS (V142) examples




Buy 40 Stones / rock textures EPS / PDF / AI / PNG examples


Strange / weird


Buy 100 Weird and strange designs (V29) examples


Stroke / distress


Buy 100 Strokes PNG (V193) examples




Buy 75 Swirls PNG V177 examples


Buy 100 Flourishes V61 examples


Buy 50 Galaxy Strokes V144 examples


Buy 100 Embellishments V60 examples


Buy 100 Embellishments V13 examples


Buy 100 Floral swirls V22 examples


Buy 100 Celtic strokes V30 examples


Buy 100 Embellishments V11 examples


Buy 100 Strokes V87 examples


Buy 100 Swirls V138 examples


Symmetry / kaleidoscope


Buy 50 Kaleidoscope artworks (V196) PNG examples


Buy 50 Kaleidoscope strokes PNG (V195) examples


Buy 90 Symmetry artworks PNG (V174) examples




Buy 40 Trefoil artworks EPS / PNG / PDF examples




Buy 100 Triangles (V97) examples


Tribal / tattoo


Buy 50 Tribal / tattoo PNG (V203) examples


Buy 100 Artworks PNG EPS ABR (V75) examples




Buy 100 Triradial ABR / PNG / EPS (V92) examples




Buy 100 Twirs ABR PNG and EPS (V88) examples


Urban London / street scenes


Buy 40 Urban London / street scenes EPS PNG PDF AI examples


Vintage type / antique text / historical alphabet


Buy 100 Rome 8th c artworks (V125) examples


Buy 100 Vintage type art (V20) examples


Buy 100 8th c. Strokes (V126) examples


Buy 100 Strokes (V127) examples


Buy 100 Letter / alphabet (V37) examples




Buy 90 Waves PNG V231 examples


Buy 50 Artworks V170 examples


Buy 100 Strokes ABR only V3 examples




Buy 100 Zebra themed designs (V210) examples




Buy 100 Zigzag brushes for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, PSP etc (V93) examples


Buy 75 Artworks PNG (V216) examples


Buy 100 Wonderful strokes (V153) examples


Buy 230 Strokes ABR only (V2) examples




Buy 50 Zooms PNG (V202) examples


Buy 100 Hi-impact zooms (V139) examples



The Photoshop / Affinity Photo / PSP brushes can be used to create books + items for sale + notebooks + fashions + textiles + carpets + web pages + videos + fashions + posters _ illustrations + fabrics + coasters + hats + t-shirts + packaging + adverts and many more. Load the ABR files in Photoshop via the presets panel such as using the import brushes command. Load the ABR via Affinity Photo via the brushes panel. You can use the Photoshop brushes in 1000s of ways such as using hem as a source for pattern designs, displacements as well as other presets. You can use them in different colour modes such as RGB and CMYK as well as LAB as well as via different colour channels. You can convert the designs in countless ways by adding effects to them as well as adjustments and layer effects and re-define the strokes. You can use the designs as a source for layers as well as backgrounds. You can manipulate the presets in countless ways by using the brushes presets such as adding different spacing and scattering and hue / saturation and textures and different dynamics to the strokes. The Photoshop brushes can be used with masks as well as using them as masks for use with shapes and other resources. You can use the Photoshop brushes as a great tool for creating textures as well as frames and also 3D models by using the 3D features in Photoshop. On purchase of the Photoshop (as well as Affinity Photo) brushes then you receive many different ABR files along with notes and gallery and serial. If you need to find out more, please check the tutorials on the Photoshop brushes / Affinity Photo brushes via the tutorial link at the top of the page. You can also find out more via the graphicxtras channel on where you can find out how to import the brushes, how to use them with custom shapes, how to use them in different colour channels, how to apply effects to them, how to use them to create frames and a whole lot more.



Free Photoshop brushes / PSP etc


3D /Arrows / Arrows / Art nouveau / Binary code / Christmas candles / Circles / Crescents / Crosses / Diamonds / Clouds / Contours / Dots / Flowers / Frames / Gothic / Greek ornaments / Grids / Hearts / Intense lines / Letters / Numbers / Overlays / Olde photos / Polygons / Radials / Radial speed lines / Scrolls / Shields / Spirals / Squared (ABR) /Swirl and flourishes / Trefoil designs / Triradials /Twirls / Vintage type/ Free brushes sampler for use in your projects for use with Photoshop CC as well as Elements and Affinity Photo and psp etc


Commercial use - Royalty free - No time limit, no credit - All by - Secure sales via (c) 1995-2018 Andrew Buckle, Maidstone artist, tel: +44 1622 / 688 375 E-mail: support@