Type Background Color in Photoshop

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

How to add background color to type in Photoshop ? Sadly, Photoshop has fill and stroke but no background color feature which is such a pity as many other apps have that. You can quickly create some colorful background for your type

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1. Duplication of characters and convert

The key thing is to duplicate the characters that you have by holding down the alt / option key and with that, you can then go to the type menu and convert to shape command for the letters. The letters are now just a standard shape.

2. Direct selection and select

Go to the direct selection and select the letters you want to use, say a whole line or perhaps a select a single word or letter. Go to the shape pathfinder options at the top of the screen (middle) and use the merge option 'merge shape components' otherwise you will still have multiple shapes and you will end up with multiple guides.

3. Guides from shape

Go to the view menu with your letter shapes and for the area you want to add a background color, select the view menu and new guide from shape command and now you should see guide lines surrounding the letters you want to add the background to.

4. Fill with rectangles

Delete the expand shapes (those letters currently selected) and you will have a rectangular area which can now be filled with the standard rectangle tool (especially if you have the view menu and snap on and snap to guides). Create a rectangle shape (shape layer format) and add in the color you want for your background color for your letters (red, green etc)

5. Make them smart objects

Repeat this for all the other chunks of characters you want to add background color to. Select all these different color backgrounds and perhaps go to the layer menu and smart objects and convert to smart object and then goto the layers panel and drag that below the letters in the art board and then drag the colorful background color shape to below the characters or offset etc depending on what you want. There you have it, background color added to the characters / letters / words. You can also then select both the characters and the colors and also use the object menu and smart object and convert to smart object.