Tangle Brush / Doodle / Scribble Effect In Affinity Photo

Youtube video on subject

You can create all kinds of variations of this tangle brush effect in Affinity Photo. The key thing is to select the paint brush tool and paint on a new layer. You can apply thin strokes as well as thick, you can also vary the colors of the strokes by going to the swatches panel. You can create up and down designs, doodle designs, circular tangled designs, overlapping ones, broken designs and much more. All the designs are added to the single layer. The layer can then be further manipulated by applying effects to it such as mesh warp tool as well as going to the layers panel and the bottom fx and then adding a bevel or 3D effect to the strokes. You can also add a shadow via the outer shadow entry and then once you have that, rasterize the whole thing via the layer menu and rasterize but remember to deselect the fx check box. You now have your complete brush and styles layer and you can then go to the brushes panel (found in the view menu and studio and brushes) and then go to the right side menu and select brush from selection command and this design will now be added to the panel. You can edit it by double clicking the entry and then set the dynamics for the work such as scattering random as well as rotation set to fully random and set the size to be controlled by pressure and have randomized hue and saturation etc. You can now apply the amazing new tangle brush to your image or other images