Create Hexagons In Affinity Photo

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The hexagon tool does not exist in Affinity Photo but you can create them via the polygon tool and the sides value for that can be set to 6 to make the required shape. You can also apply a curve to the interactive artwork, inwards or outwards. Hold down the shift key as you generate a proportional shape. Once you have devised your path, you can also set the fill color as well as stroke color. It is also pretty amazing for creating stars as well

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Layer Effects etc

You can duplicate the design, add layer effects via the fx button at the bottom of the layers panel and more. You can add the layer effects via right clicking the layer and selecting the command (it is in the middle of the list). The panel pops up and the default is nothing but you can check the features you want to add to your layer such as 3D, shadow, gradients, outer glow, blur, bevels etc. Each of the panels comes with a huge amount of features such as radius, contours, light sources, diffuse, profiles etc. You can only add one of each. It should be noted that the sliders can be overridden and the range of the values used in the panels can be set to much larger values.

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Convert to curves

The vector artwork can also be converted to curves where the nodes are available and the overall shape can then be changed, find the convert to curves by right clicking the artwork. You can then modify the artwork in countless ways using the node tool

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You can also go to the layer menu and use the rasterize command and as a pixel layer, you can go to the brushes panel and make a brush using the create brush from selection right side menu command and then modify that stroke to have random colors, size, spacing etc. You can also use the rasterized artwork as a source for a pattern layer via the layer menu and create pattern layer from selection.