Create Two Color Triangle Pattern In Photoshop


For the creation of the Photoshop two triangle pattern, select the rectangle tool. Go to the settings at the top of the page. Set the option to fixed - so it matches the dimensions of the document. So if your document is 600 x 600 then set the fixed size for the shape to 600 x 600. Set the option to layer. Set the the fill to green or red or blue etc. Now, you can use the rectangle tool to drag a shape to the 0px and 0px in the document (always would love to see an option in the settings to set the initial point for the left / top etc but sadly that appears not to exist in PS). Anyway, once you have the layer in the top corner drop the layer / release.

Duplication of shape layer

The next step is to duplicate the existing layer and that is done via the layer and duplicate layer menu command or via the layer panel. Now you have two layers.. Select the delete anchor point tool via the toolbox (beneath the pen tool depending on the customization of the Photoshop toolbar). Go to the bottom right corner of one of the top layer and remove the point (a dialog will pop saying that the shape will be turned into a regular shape, say OK). Now you will have a square and a triangle.

Set To Red or Green etc

Go to the layer panel and select the generated shape. Select the rectangular tool in the toolbar (or any of the other shape tools such as ellipse tool or the custom shape tool or polygon tool - it has to be one of the shape tools). Click the fill option / picker in the control bar (it is titled 'fill'). The available swatches for the tool will be displayed. Select the solid option unless you want to fill it with gradients or patterns. You can set it to anything, perhaps if using red for the first then you can set the other one to a lighter red or perhaps a darker red or check out combinations via the extension 'Adobe color themes'. Now you have two paths and, of course, they can be set to any color. They can also be modified further by using tools such as adjustment layers to invert them used or perhaps change the balance or the hue / saturation..


Now go to the layer menu and Flatten the layers (bottom of the menu) and Go to the edit menu and define pattern command

Basic use

You can now use the preset via the fill command as well as new layer fill content etc (personally I prefer the new fill layer command as you can interactively change the scaling). You can also use it in other tools such as the stamp and also with the stroke and fill of a custom shape layer (or stars or polygons etc). Set scaling to 25% etc in the fill layer content panel and OK. The tile can also be used in tools such as the layer effects so you can combine the artworks with glows and bevels and store the result as a style or used with brush strokes via the textures.


The design can also be saved to the libraries panel for use in other applications as well as exported in a number of formats

Stamp tool

You can use it with the stamp tool and the impressionist feature which is great for creating awesome unusual painted effects


Of course, you can also adjust the artwork and define that as a preset. Flatten the design. Go to the image menu and adjustments and use the Hue and saturation or any of the other adjustments. Change hue setting and go to the Edit menu. Define pattern. Layer menu new fill layer content etc


You can use blue and light blue, blue and yellow, green and red etc. Or duplicate the layer and then scale say to 75% and then define that and so on or duplicate the layer and then scale and rotate and perhaps use an adjustment on the duplicated layer and so on. Or perhaps warp the duplicated layer or apply effects and so on. Or add additional paths such as a circle to the artwork and then define that