Substance Materials In Illustrator & Photoshop


Adobe's premier photo editing tool really needs to have this feature but as it does not, however, as ever there is always a workaround if something exists in one application and not another.


Substance Materials are in Illustrator 2022 + You can still get to use them via Adobe's favourite vector editing app and their 2022 version of it or later. You can create any shape but a rectangle works well and you can click on any of the materials included in the 3D panel such as gold, steel etc and then modify the settings for that path so you can change the marble color or wave pattern or density of the effect or the hue shift etc, so literally billions of designs can be created. Also, you can always create other resources and copy those and then blend the designs to make even more textures / patterns.


Once you have design, edit menu and copy and go to PS and paste it in via the edit menu (you need both apps). Select smart object when you use the paste. Once you have design, you can still come back and edit it by going to the layers panel and double clicking the thumbnail and then edit it again and change more properties etc. Once you are happy with everything, you can always flatten it via the layer menu and use various filters to modify it further.


Another option is to use the libraries panel. Drag the resources (such as designs added to the rectangle etc) from the vector app to the raster app via the library panel. Set up a category for all your designs. Unfortunately the artworks are not seamless designs but you can still use the resources as a large texture, background, brush stroke etc