Create Stripes Pattern In Photoshop


The key thing is to set up the initial linear design in the first place for the Photoshop stripes pattern. The shape for the background can be long or thin or wide. The line can have any color fill such as gradients or a solid color. It can have effects added to the line shape by using layer style. Make certain that you choose the 'shape layer' option or if you are using the pixel option, use that on a new layer so you can delete the background.

Define tile

Delete the background layer via the layers panel. The line is selected by using the rectangular marquee tool. The design can be as simple as that but you can create far more complex rectangle designs such as parallels, different fills, tile filled, dashed and many more. Define it via the edit menu define pattern command.


To create a filled background using the created preset, go to the edit menu and fill and select the pattern option and the preset and check the script check box. Go to the next panel in the fill and set the density and color randomness etc. You can set the density to the max such as 10. The preview rarely matches the end result. Set the scale etc

Add adjustments to re-color

Adjustments can then be used on the rectangle shape filled background such as adjustment 'vibrance' etc. The adjustments can be added via the image menu and adjustments as well as adding them via the layer menu and new adjustment layer

Thin design

You can also create thin and long lines and then set to no rotation in the panel to create an extreme thin line design. Set the scale to different values if you want some variation but you can also set the scale min and max to 1 or 1.2 etc to get no variation

Thin rectangle sources and the rotation has been turned off to create an intense design

Add an adjustment such as black and white to create a black and white design


If you want the artwork defined preset be rotated instead of just straight down then set the rotate on and the image will be filled with this design all at different angles. Of course, you can also vary the source preset as well to create a variety of artworks such as curved ones, made up of multiple items etc

Other Scripts

Brick Fill can also be very useful in creating a linear design in a variety of forms and using all kinds of gradients etc in the preset.

Add effects

Effects can be added to warp and distort the lines such as filter menu and distort and wave or perhaps use the motion blur and set it to upwards and set the radius to create color streaks from the design.