Straight Diagonal Line Creation In Photoshop

Where ?

There is a the live line tool and you can set it to a diagonal by holding down the shift key and drawing at 45 degrees


Select the tool and then go to the top left and select shape or pixel and set the color and then set the weight setting then click the art board and start to draw. Hold down the shift and draw at 45 degrees. Don't hold down the shift key unless you want to combine the lines into a single design.

Mix different widths

You don't have to use the same width all the time. You can set the weight to 10px or 30px etc and you can fill the artwork with all kinds of different pattern fills as well as gradients and solid colors. Sadly, the weight feature is not available via the properties as a live feature. Set the weight before you start and then draw the artwork and hold the shift to constrain

both directions

You can applyit inall kinds of directions.


You can add a stroke around the artwork by changing the stroke setting. This is a live setting that can be changed (as mentioned, weight is not). You can also also set it to dashed lines via the stroke properties panel. Set dashed to ON. Notice the art itself is not a dashed design

Pen tool

Select the pen tool and click on the art board. Hold down the shift key and then click elsewhere and angle approx to 45 degrees and you will end up with another artwork. Set the stroke to black and set to the fill to nil and set the dashed to ON via the stroke options. Change the width of the line via the stroke weight setting. Such as 40px for the stroke weight

Add effects

As the design has been created as a shape (set the option in the top left when using the tool), you can add effects to it. The design will be turned into a smart object and the smart filters can be applied and changed at any time. Go to the filter menu with the diagonal selected

Add a shadow to the diagonal

As the artwork is a layer, you can add layer effects via the layer menu and layer styles such as shadow

Diagonal in pixel mode

You can also apply them in pixel mode. For a period, the pixel feature was not available for the line tool but it is back. Set to pixel and set the weight and color etc for the line and click on the document and hold the shift down and draw 45 degrees. You can repeat this multiple times and use different colors and blending modes and opacity to draw your artwork. Use blending modes such as difference for unusual color combos