Quick Live Scroll Of Blending Modes For Layers In Photoshop

Shift Key and + (or -)

To quickly scroll through Photoshop blending modes for a layer, the key thing is to hold down the shift key and '+' key

Normal To Dissolve to Darken etc

With a layer selected, hold down the shift and plus key and you can go from normal to dissolve to darken and more in a fraction of a second and you will see thee change reflected in the art board as well. It goes to the bottom of the list (luminosity) and then back up to the top of the list again (normal). If you start with the current one being darken then if you use + multiply will be chosen and you use - then the dissolve will be used.


Go to the panel. Shift and + key with entry selected to scroll through them using the shift and + (plus) or - (minus) key. To go in the reverse direction and rapidly switch through them, use the shift key and minus ('-') key on the keyboard. This will not work if you display the complete long list, it will only work in the panel if the entry is displayed as text and as you change the setting, you will not see the list appear.

Select / Shortcut

You can also quickly select darken or normal etc by pressing a shortcut / hot key along with shift and alt / option and N for normal and O for the overlay and M for the multiply and T for saturation and G for the lighten and E for the difference etc. You can use these shortcuts to quickly switch to darken / lighten etc for shapes, type etc. You can select multiple layers and do the same for them. You can find the full list on the Adobe website but it is quite easy to go through the keyboard and find the key, if you use vivid light a lot then I guess you will remember that one quickly enough.

Brushes / shapes etc

If you select a brush then you can also use the shift and + and the shift key and - to go through the normal, dissolve, darken, multiply etc. If you select a shape tool in pixels, you can do the same thing. You can also use the shortcuts such as shift and alt / option and O for the overlay. Not every feature that uses them will work with the shortcuts or the shift key etc.