Create Polar grid In Photoshop


Polar Grid In Photoshop ??? How ?? Create the design in Illustrator using the tool found in the tools panel (please check out our tutorials on that) and just copy the path via the pasteboard into your favourite pixel editing application where additional effects can be applied to this standard path. Another option would be to drag the path into the CC libraries and then use it in PS and drag the path to the open document


You can export the vector artwork via the CC library feature or save the artwork and import into Photoshop or copy via the pasteboard. Once you have the design in the application, you can manipulate the path using filters such as bas relief or fill with colors or use as a layer for overlays.

Filter Effects

Select the artwork. Convert to a smart object via the layer menu and smart objects or flatten and use with filters. You can apply a variety of different effects on the artwork as well as adjustments (smart adjustments). Or bas relief filter / poster edge / water color / blur filters / camera raw filters or styles etc applied to the artwork or add paths to the object

Use as layers

You do not need to just use effects or coloring effects with the artwork, you can use it as a basic overlay to add over an existing image. Select the design from CC libraries. Drag to image and go to the layer menu and layer style and color and set to white or some other color. Go to the layer panel and change the opacity to 50% etc. Another option is to use the layer transparency via the select and load selection command and then use the selection with effects such as camera raw filter and then combine with other effects such as oil paint


You can also use the design as a wonderful guide for other fills where the individual cells can be filled with different colors or gradients or type etc. Drag the design to the document from the library, re-size it, copy some type (such as an image of type). Select the magic wand tool. Select a cell with the magic wand. Use the edit menu and paste special / paste into command (the result is a layer) and then flatten and then select another cell and repeat. You can also combine effects such as blurs or perhaps apply transforms to the type to create more interesting fills of the design.

As Brushes

Drag the design for the CC libraries and then apply effects to the artwork, go to the edit menu and use the define brush command. You ca now select that preset in the brushes panel and apply using the paint brush, clone, art history etc