Picture Frame Filter In Photoshop

Where ?

You can find the Photoshop picture frame filter and the filter menu and render category (please note it was originally in the edit menu and fill but it moved from there a while back)

Transparency / layers

Personally, I always apply it to a new layer (so there is transparency) and that gives a lot more creative options instead of just using it on the background. You can duplicate the artwork, you can add other effects, you can transform it and much more.

Dialog Settings

It is a large panel with a lot of functionality, there is a basic mode as well as an advanced mode and you can use different presets, vine color, size, arrangements, flowers as well as leaves.

Check Marks etc

There are 32 different types to choose from such as eye lashes and smoke signals and big curls etc. You can modify the margins, size and arrangement. Big curls with a very low margin (leaving little space in the center)


You can add different flowers though there is a limit to the size (100 pixels) You can also set it to None if you don't want any flowers. There are 22 different types of flowers. You can also change the color. Use it with circles and much more. Of course, if used as a layer design, you can add multiple layers with multiple different flower designs used to create all kinds of unique artworks


Some of the presets also support leaves (leaf setting) and there are 23 different types of leaf though some are like stars etc. You can set the size and the color for the leaf such as green, blue, black and even white to create ghostly leaves

layers and adding layer styles

If you have added your design on a layer then the layer can have layer styles applied such as bevels and drop shadows via the layer menu and layer styles and bevel etc. If it is on a layer, you can apply it multiple times and create multiple different leaves etc designs and you can then layer them all on top of each other (perhaps mix with blending modes) and use them to create totally unique edge designs.

Basic and advanced

As with many features of this, the advanced tab has some feature such as number of lines that seem to be permanently inactive. The number of lines are only available on certain situations. The thickness and angle and fade and invert seem to be permanently available. The advanced does add some extra functionality such as increasing the thickness and tweaking the angle but it is a pity that the feature didn't add some randomness as well.

Smart objects

I always love to add effects to a layer, I also love to add effects to a layer via a smart object but sadly it is not accessible as one (which is truly odd as you would think this is one effect that would benefit from being used as a smart object). You can apply the effect to a layer and then convert that layer to a smart object via the layer menu convert to smart object. As a smart effect, you can now add a number of effects such as oil paint and twirl etc as well as adjustments and then edit them all via the layers panel, you can re-color the artwork, warp them, blur them and more. You can also use the 3D menu and convert the edge into a 3D design which again, as it is a smart object, can be changed at any point.

Adjustments / Modify Color

You don't have to leave the design as is, you can always use adjustment layers to modify the color of the leaves etc and that can be done by using the effect on a layer and then going to the layer menu and new adjustment layer and selecting hue or channel mixer to modify the color of the layer and when the first panel pops up click the 'use previous layer to create clipping mask' to ON. You can re-color any of the designs generated on a layer and then ultimately combine all the layers via the flatten image command.