Create Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop


Edit menu and Photoshop keyboard shortcuts and for the creation of new ones.


The panel displays two tabs, one is for the keys and one is for the menus. The keys one offers application menus (these are the standard entries along the top of the application) along with panel and tools and task spaces. So you have a lot of functionality to play with.


You have the actual application along with preferences etc (if on the mac) as well as the usual file, edit, image etc. Say you wish to create a quick way to access the bitmap mode then go to that in the long list, it is in the image category, and then click beneath the column 'shortcut'. It is often staggering how much of the app doesn't have any keys. You can enter something like control or cmd H and it will warn you if it is already being used, which is very likely. You will now see you entry in the list.


At this point you can click undo button on the right side to replace your entry with the old one. You can also click Add on the right side but have to say, why, as there are hardly enough characters to use anyway. There is a delete option to remove it. Click accept.

Defaults presets

You will notice that there is a presets set at the top of the panel with the default set and your modified one. You can also click two buttons beneath it to add new presets to that list so you can have many different setups to access your commands.


You can click this to generate a file with all your presets and one you can print off and use to remind yourself of the more obscure commands.


You have right side menus on many of the panels such as actions, shapes, brushes etc and you can create a quick access to those commands so if you use layer comps you might like to set up a lot of quick access commands for those.


Same, you can set up quick access to your favorites by pressing A B C D etc though you are just replacing one tool with another as clearly there are a lot more tools than the alphabet. Many use the same access character and you can scroll through them.

Task spaces

More for the specialty things such as neural filters and quick access to those tools.

Other tab | Menus

Not for shortcuts but for visibility, is the entry shown or not and also you can set up a color for the entry so the select all command can be green or blue etc if that is what you want for quick access. I have the duplicate layer in a different color as I use that a lot.