Create Insect Eye Effect In Photoshop

Image setup

For the Photoshop insect eye effect, the key thing here is the image that you want to use to make the design (you could, of course, use multiple different images or the same image or perhaps transformed versions of the image). Probably works best with a very large image as the effect uses different views of the same image. Open the image and then go to the edit menu define pattern command. You can make certain that it has been defined by going to the pattern stamp tool and then checking the palette (I have noticed that sometimes I seem to have no change to the pattern palette so it is always best to check)

Create a new document / or existing

Make a new document or use an existing one with layers (up to you).. Go to the polygon tool (this can be found normally under the rectangle tool but it may not be there now as you can now change the toolbar via the customization feature in Photoshop).

Shape layer / polygon set to 6 sides

Set the type to a shape layer (not pixel or path) and set the color to black or a solid color or perhaps a gradient or different pattern. Set the number of sides to 6 and then make the shape. Align as required (I prefer the above polygon style). Now go to the layer menu and duplicate that layer. Re-size the polygon (duplicated one) using the bounding box and make it smaller than the original and then select both layers and align them using the horizontal and vertical alignment buttons. Now go to the top layer and set the shape fill to the previously defined image / pattern

Duplicate and align

Select both of the layers and then hold the alt key down and duplicate the layers. You may wish to set the smart guides to on (done via the view menu) but you can also easily align them visually as well.. Position the layers in the required (loose or not) layout.

Shift image / random positions for the supplied images

If you wish to use all the same images in all the frames then you can stop now and just flatten the image or not. If you wish to generate random different views of the same image then you can go to the layer menu and select the layer content option and then shift the pattern around (avoiding the seam though) so if you are using an image of a face then you can perhaps select the nose as the focus or the eyes or perhaps the lips and so on. You don't even need to use the same face or image for the shape pattern, you can also change the pattern via the preset browser drop down in the layer content so you could perhaps have different letters filling the scene. So there you have it, your frame design in a few minutes