Create Fire Text Effect In Photoshop

Add letters

Fire Text Photoshop Effect ?? Go to the tools panel and select the horizontal type tool and add some letters to the document such as the word 'xyz' (or something more original).

Work path creation

You cannot just use the render menu command, you need to add a work path. How to do that ? Go to the type menu and create work path based on the current selected letters. You will see this now in the paths panel (which can be found in the window menu)

Create new layer for the effect

If you make the word too complex then the render will probably fail but a short word will work. I don't want to work on the current layer, so go to the layer menu and create a new layer

Render effect

Go to the filter menu and render and flame. You will see a preview and if you are lucky, the result will be perfect first time

Modify settings such as length

I would suggest changing the length (reduce it) and change the width (reduce) and change the angle as well as turbalance (reduce) and complexity (reduce) and once you can see your letters and you are happy with the overall look and colors etc, click OK and there you have it.

Create multiple layers

Sometimes I find that if you create multiple layers and use the render with the same work path as well as modifying some of the settings such as the length, turbalance etc (and you can set up presets within the render panel) and then create multiple layers of these designs that it can create even more interesting designs instead of a single one click effect. Also if the effects are applied to layers, you can also modify the individual layers and apply blurring or oil effects etc as well as combine the layers with blending modes and opacity or perhaps also just the transform tools (warp, shear, scale, rotate etc) to slightly offset things. Or re-color it slightly by using adjustment layers or applying adjustments and then combine.

Tweak the work path

You don't need to keep the path the same as the original letters, you can also re-render again perhaps after using the direct selection tool to manipulate the path to create some variation in the design.

Delete original

You may wish to delete the original word or create a different work path from it.

Add black background to the blaze

You can also go to the rectangle tool and add a black rectangle and arrange that to the back and you have your burning words on a lovely background. Of course, you don't need it to be just black, you could also add a dark colored gradient preset to the artwork perhaps or import an image of the night sky with starts (or use on those lovely skies that are supplied in the sky replacement feature (this is a powerful tool that can be used for far more than just creating or tweaking a sky, it can be used for all kinds of amazing backgrounds)

Flatten or use as smart object

You can also go to the layer menu and flatten and then add effects. Another option would be to convert the fiery letters to a smart object via the layer menu and smart object and convert.


Select some characters and then go to the type menu and convert to a shape. You will now see the entry appear in the work path. You can now go to a layer (filled with black) and render menu etc and apply (set as required such as turbalance, randomize shape ON in advanced etc). Go to the layer menu and create a new layer and then go to the path selection tool and select one of the letters and shift it (or multiple characters) and perhaps use the edit transform and scale to resize the letters or rotate them. Go back to the render command and apply again but this time because of the randomize shape, the you will see a difference in the layer. You can also go to the bottom of the layer and fx and set a bevel and shadow for the characters. You can also rotate and re-size the layer etc