Droplets / Rain / Stud Effect In Photoshop

Channels panel

Open an image in Photoshop and then go to the window menu and channels. Go to the right side menu and click new but you can also click the + at the bottom of the panel to add a new alpha.

Add to Alpha via pixels option

Once you have that, you can add to it by applying filters as well as shapes. Go to the tools panel and then select the ellipse and then go to the pixels option in the top left and set the color for the fill to black and then add circles to the alpha by holding down the shift key and drawing circles. Goto the filter menu and apply a blur and Gaussian blur to the channel.

Back to image

Select the RGB in the channels. Go to the select menu and load command and select the alpha and then go to the edit menu and copy and paste.

New Layer

You now have a new layer which you can manipulate using layer menu and layer styles such as bevel. Set to emboss etc, set angles, set smooth etc. Once you are happy with your design you should see some 3D drops on the image.

Create second alpha

You can then go the channels panel and create a second alpha channel by clicking the + or new in the menu and repeat all the steps again but this time apply the black circles in different locations and repeat the load and copy and paste and styles.

Flatten and Adjustments

You can then flatten the image via the layer menu and go to the image menu and adjustments and use levels to improve the color of the design or use one of the adjustments such as black and white or hue and saturation.