Direction Noise Effect In Photoshop | 45 Degrees | Filter Gallery

Angled Stroke

Open an image (as long as it has some color variation, if it is a solid color then this will not work). Go to the filter menu and filter gallery and then the category and angled strokes and set to the maximum for all the settings such as direction balance 100 and stroke length 50 and Sharpness 10 (it is a pity that the application has not be updated for years with a great range).

repeat filter

Click OK. You can also if you wish to repeat the effect add it via the + button in the filter gallery though I prefer the repeat filter command. Repeat it multiple times and after 3 or 4 you should see the noise coming through at 45 degrees, it will steadily get darker / rougher but you will have long streaks of noise.

Motion Blur

You can also smear the noise even more by using the blur menu and motion blur and setting at 45 degrees. You can save all of this to an action via the actions panel and record the streps and re-apply to any image or perhaps a batch of images.

Wave Filter

Once you have applied it, you can then distort the design etc using wave etc. You can also apply this to a layer and angle the layer at a different angle to have the lines applied at something other than 45 degrees. You can also use the layers with other features such as the wave and that can distort the noise in all kinds of ways