13,000 Custom Shapes for Photoshop

13,000 Custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop all in a single collection (as well as for Adobe elements and also all the stand alone versions). They are all for use on the PC and mac. They are all in CSH format. They are all for commercial use, all are royalty free, all the artworks are by this site, You can use them to create anything you wish. They are all vector designs for any size of work. The collection set includes stars, polygons, abstracts, blots, embellished, cross, numbers, letter designs, rough designs and many more. Also great as cookie cutters and frames and masks and edge effects and brush strokes and much more. The set also comes with 2000 gradients.


£6.50 GBP (Approx $7.50, 7.25 Euros, 900 Yen, 11.70 AUS etc), CSH format, download

BUY 13,000 Custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop and elements gallery

You cannot use them directly in Affinity Photo or Illustrator but you can convert them

Not directly as the CSH is only for PS and PS Elements as well as a few other applications but if you have one or other of the applications then you can create vector artworks and then export them either via the export menu (to save them as vector AI documents) or via the file save command as PDF Vector etc) as well as file save as PNG or TIFF to use the artworks in Painter, PSP and many others. You can also drag the items to the CC library and then use them in applications such as Illustrator. You can also copy them via the pasteboard to tools such as Affinity Photo

You can use them in all your work, commercial and personal

Use in commercial as well as personal work, use to create items that can be used in turn to create new items for sale. Use to create ever more complex artworks that can also be sold. No time limits are imposed, no restrictions, world wide use, no credit is required. You can also use them to create logos, books, adverts, packaging, ceramics, posters, items for sale on Zazzle, items for sale on Cafepress and much more. If you have any questions about the possible uses, please let us know

All By

All the presets on this site were created by me (Andrew Buckle) of They were created in a mix of Illustrator and other Vector graphics and then imported and then saved via the right side menu of the presets panel 'save' command. The CSH format being set at 6 for most of the versions, not CS6 but 6, I know that is a long time ago but it still works fine in Windows 10

How to use them with cookie cutters in PS Elements

Yes, they can be used as cookie cutters as well as standard vector tools in PS Elements. Sadly there is no equivalent tool in PS

How can I use them as a brush stroke or pattern

Yes, you can use the vector presets as a source for 1000s and 1000s of brushes and patterns. Create the art and then use the edit menu define brush command as well as the edit menu define pattern command. You can also use them as an excellent source for displacement maps, bump maps, 3D effects and more



How do I fill them or add strokes

Depends on the mode. If you use as a layer then you can set the color via the top options bar, set the fill and stroke. The fill and stroke can be set to solid colors as well as gradients and also patterns. If you are using them as paths then there is no fill but you can set a stroke via the path menu. If you add them as a fill pixel then you have to set the color before you add the vector preset. Another option is to then use adjustment layers to recolor the fill pixel.

Add multiple Presets To a smart object

How to add / combine multiple custom shapes into a single smart object in Photoshop. You can turn a single or multiple parts artwork into a smart object. Firstly, a smart object can be made up of all kinds of different elements such as type and paths and images etc and the great thing about the smart objects is that they can be edited at a later point and the smart objects can also have effects and adjustments added and removed in a second via the layer panel. So if you have multiple vector designs in your image and you want to turn them into a single smart object. This is not the same as selecting multiple vectors and then using the combine to turn them into a single vector designs, the shapes are still separate and unique elements within the smart object. So if you have two vector layers (and they can be seen as separate layers in the layer panel) then simply go over to the layers panel and then select both layers and then go to the layer menu and select the smart objects command and convert to smart object. You can also add type to the combination of the paths with the smart object, so just select the layers in along with the type layers and then go to the convert to smart object command. You can also add a smart object to a vector design and turn that into a smart object via the convert to smart object command.

Feathering the paths

You can also now add a feather via the properties dialog for use with the vector artworks and that can be a great way to add a quick blur to any of the artworks / presets. Of course, you can still turn the vector design into a smart object and blur it as before.