Create / Use LUT / Color Lookup Table In Photoshop


Photoshop includes a number of color LUTs for use with the color lookup table adjustment in the image menu such as Fuji, Kodak Color as well as surreal and color specific ones such as turning an image green and red. They can be created and exported in a number of formats. These effects can then be loaded in the adjustment and used to manipulate all kinds of images in a controlled manner, adding all kinds of amazing effects to your image.


Open image and then go to the Layer menu and new adjustment layer and go for black and white and on the panel, you can change it to a tint so click on the color and add a tint such as orange and modify all the sliders (red, green etc) until you are happy with your changes.

Export command

Now to export what you have just created to save it for use. Go to File menu and Export and Color lookup tables and set the grid point quality and formats etc and OK and Save. You can set the quality very high, it is up to you, will just result in a much bigger file. You can also decide whether to save in 3DL, Cube, CSP and ICC profile, if you have enough storage, why not go for all of the different formats. Once you are happy with that, click OK to save your file (s).

Use layer styles / blends to create them

You can add two or three of the same adjustment layers (and why not) and you can also mix in opacity via the layers panel and also different blending modes (such as hard mix or hard light or difference) as well as other modifications to the layer (it is a layer in exactly the same way as a normal layer and can have all kinds of extra twists such as gradient overlays and satin to change the adjustment). And all those changes will be reflected in the actual effect generated (not perhaps the best way to generate gradient overlays for use in other apps without the need for layer styles but it does seem to work in a garish way). For example, new layer and then fill with white and then go to the layer menu and run the layer style and gradient overlay and apply a linear gradient, again go to the export command and export this LUT. Apply via the image menu and adjustments and color lookup by browsing for the file (as long as it is in a valid format)

fill pattern layers as a great source

Weirdly, the export also can use other layers and not just adjustments so if you create a new layer and then fill that with a gradient or pattern or brush strokes, that also can be used and exported in the correct format. As pattern layers can be filled with anything, literally zillions of different files can be exported so you can create a pattern from black and white scratches and that generates an amazing metallic / chrome like effect with images. Or using a combinations of gradients to a layer (and that is the key thing) though the actual result can definitely depend on the underlying image and how everything maps out.

Use a basic image

You can also use effects as well as just an image for the export : Open an image and layer menu and duplicate and file and export command as before to save it in the correct format.

To use

Go to the layer menu and adjustments and color lookup and then go for the 3D option and select the load command and then select the generated 3DL file and click open and the effect will then be applied to the curent image. Sadly, there is no preview unless you are using the live layer option.