Black and White Zoom Burst In Photoshop


Photoshop black and white zoom burst uses the gradient tool. Select that tool and go to the top left and click on the panel for the presets and select the basic black and white (this should be available but if not you can just change the existing stops).


Set the first stop to black, make certain it is (0,0,0) and then select the white stop and place at the position 10, you do this manually or just use the location entry and enter 10. Go to the black stop and then click again at location 20 and now you will have black and white and black and then select the white etc and place a new stop (by clicking the bar) at 30. Repeat and end on a black (if you end on a white, you will end up with a sharp line). Click OK and then set the style to angle.


Set the mode to difference and set the method to perceptual (this is a new feature of 2022).

New Guides

If you want to create the effect from the center, a quick way to do this is to go to the view menu and new guide layout and set to 2 and 2 and you have the center point to create you blends from.

Apply the tool

Apply the tool multiple times from the center point and use different angles for the tool so you will end up with a similar design to the one in the video.

Color it via adjustments

You can also then apply effects to the artwork such as twirls via the filter menu or add colors to it via the layers menu and new adjustment layer