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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

adjustment layersAdjustments tutorials (Brighten layers, gradient map adjustments etc)

dual brushes in PhotoshopBrushes tutorials (Install, load, dual, tool presets, symmetry etc)

fire effectEffects tutorials (3d landscape, splatter, scratchy, water ripples etc)

glass filter effect for PhotoshopFilter tutorials (Bas relief, glass filter, flame, neural filters, spin, twirl etc)

gradient styles elliptical designGradients tutorials (Gradient layers, new gradients, import, transparent, vertical etc)

32 bit image modeHow to tutorials / features (32 bit, channels, lines, EPS, history etc)

multiple gradient overlay tutorial in PhotoshopLayer styles tutorials (Install styles, frames, rotate etc)

color burst tfilled around edge in PhotoshopPatterns tutorials (Install patterns, make, binary code, pyramids etc)

plugins PhotoshopPlugins tutorials (180 Plugins set etc)

diamondShapes / custom shapes tutorials (Install shapes, 3d, draw, glow, hexagon etc)

photoshop textureTextures tutorials (Texture set)

frame toolTools tutorials (Count tool, impressionist, frame, picture frame tool etc)

frame toolType / text feature tutorials (Background color etc)

maximum filter

Maximum filter in Photoshop tutorial

colorize conversion black and white colorize

Colorize filter in Photoshop tutorial

impresionist tool

Impressionist tool in Photoshop tutorial


Triangle tool for Photoshop tutorial