32 bits / Channel Image Mode in Photoshop Tutorial

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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2022

You can find the 32bit mode via the image menu and mode and it is right at the bottom of the menu (32bits / channel). It gives you a vast range of different colors to choose from but it does come with some cost as some of the functionaluty of Photoshop is lost either because it makes little sense to have that level of functionality with that vast range of colors or that part of the application is yet to be updated, hopefully in the case of many of the filters and adjustments, all will be available for that color mode. You will also notice that the color picker is different. The blending of gradients is vastly improved and the results with the available blending modes can be totally amazing. Likewise with the application of the colors of the brush strokes. Even converting back to the more normal RGB 8 bit and you have the HDR toning panel to offer even more color creativity.



Blending modes

Color picker is slightly different

Gradient effects

Brighter colors when you extend the color gamut

Even more amazing brush effects

Returning to 8 bits and the HDR tuning appears

You will notice that some adjustments are not available

You will notice that some filters are not available