Shapes & Plugins & Brushes & Patterns for Photoshop ® + Photoshop Elements + Illustrator ® + PaintShop Pro + MS Word etc Commercial use

Commercial use - use to create your own designs, royalty-free, use for items for sale, no time limits, no credit required - amazing

brushes, shapes, fonts, patterns for Photoshop, Illustrator etc

Date updated: May 26th, 2023



Photoshop Custom Shapes

12,000 shapes collection + unique themed packs including arrows, 3D, swirls and more for Photoshop and Elements


Photoshop / Psp Brushes

10,000 brushes collection and themed brush packs for Photoshop and PaintShop Pro and others including swirls, arrows, frames and more


Photoshop / Psp Patterns

Wonderful seamless tile sets for use in Photoshop, PSP, photo-Paint, Xara and many applications


Photoshop Styles

7000 Stunning styles for use in Photoshop and Photoshop elements including glows, gradients and more


Photoshop Gradients

32,000 Stunning colorful gradients for Photoshop and elements including lines, grids, radial designs and more


Photoshop / PSP Plug-ins

180 Truly powerful Photoshop plugins (for PaintShop Pro etc) - millions of stunning effects such as blurs, smudges, gradients, contrasts etc



Illustrator Swatches / Patterns

1000s of powerful hi-impact swatches and patterns, all seamless, for use throughout Adobe Illustrator. Use and apply on paths and text.


Illustrator Shapes / symbols

Hi-impact vector symbols for Illustrator CC CS6 - 10 including 3D, swirls, arrows, distorted designs and more.


Illustrator Plug-ins

26 Wonderful plug-in sets for Illustrator CS5 - 10 PC and MAC inc. multi-tool, perspective grid, zigzag tool, shape FX etc


Illustrator Brushes

16,000 Stunning Illustrator brushes with many different designs, all for commercial use. All vectors.


Illustrator Graphic Styles

100s of great styles to apply wonderful effects such as scribble and 3D and colorful gradients to paths and text in Illustrator


Artwork Illustration sets

PDF format vector designs for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Xara, Adobe Indesign, Apple Pages and many more - easy to use as PNG or JPG etc format colorful designs. Use in millions of your projects.




1000s of wonderful shapes and designs for virtually all applications. Easy to use and apply PC and MAC. Also includes same designs in EPS format.


PSP Preset Shapes

Preset vector shapes, colorful designs for PaintShop Pro PC including swirls, arrows and more


PNG Patterns

More wonderful pattern / seamless tile designs for use in countless applications.


Textures / Displacements

Grayscale bitmap files / PSD format distortions and displacements and textures for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro and others


Corel Painter

Nozzles and paper grains and Painter patterns - vast selection of different designs.


Flash Symbols

1000s of Flash themed FLA designs


Fireworks Symbols

1000s of symbols (PNG format) for use in Adobe Fireworks CS6 CS5 CS4 etc





Affinity Designer

Affinity Photo


Flame Painter






Commercial use

Welcome to - commercial and personal use resources for your projects, royalty-free, world-wide, no credit required, no limits. Use to create items for sale.


The resources work on both platforms, PC and MAC OS X in 99% of cases (only Photoshop plugins are for PC). Photoshop shapes, brushes, patterns and more.

Unique sets

All the sets are unique designs, all by (Andrew Buckle, UK based artist). Each page includes multiple sets, with different resources.

Video Tutorials also features many tutorials and videos and more - see how to use Photoshop and Illustrator resources and much more. How to apply the shapes, brushes, loading the items, apply special effects and more.

WordPress / Blog use

If you want to use the designs in your WordPress / blogs work then just select the brush / patterns sets with PNG files

Secure purchase

All the items on this site are available via / Mycommerce - all secure. Any questions, please contact us


Quality designs either vectors (for any size of work) or large size designs in PNG and other formats.

Thumbnail galleries

See all the designs included in all the sets by clicking the product name links.


if you have any questions, please contact us - - always happy to help

For Adobe Creative Cloud / CC release

All our non-plugin sets are for Adobe Creative Cloud and CS5 CS4 etc as well as CS6 and now the CC release.

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Please check our blog / news section for all the latest releases as well as videos and more images

Create items for sale

Use the designs to create items for sale such as web pages, logos, books, CDs, packaging, fashions, textiles, ceramics and more


Photoshop CC shapes - 3D features

In Photoshop CC / CS6, the custom shapes can be flat shapes (as always) but they can also be used in 3D. In fact, they make pretty decent 3D tools. Select a custom shape (any from or otherwise) and then go to the 3D menu or go to the 3D palette (either works well but the 3D palette is probably easier as all the options are in one place. The 3D shape can be turned into a 3D postcard, 3D extrusion, used as a mesh (added to a cone, cube wrap, donut, hat, pyramid etc), 3D volume and a 3D mesh from depth map (plane, two sided, cylinder, sphere). The generated 3D shape can be manipulated in millions of different ways, materials can be added as can different renders (the custom shape can be turned into a sketched or cartoon design). The generated 3D shape can also be exported as OBJ and other file formats and then be used in powerful applications such as Poser or Carrara and 3D studio Max.


One word of warning though, if you are on the creative cloud and you upgrade to 16.1, you might notice the 3D menu is no longer available (as I have found out to my cost). One machine is fine, another (a lot older machine) sadly hasn't got the required video memory and the menu is disabled. A real pity as the 3D worked fine with just 256MB but now, 512MB seems to be the minimum. So be aware of this if you upgrade your Photoshop to the latest and greatest. It is still a fine upgrade with some nice new features such as CSS copy for shapes and text.

Corel PSP shapes and fonts

Until recently, developed lots and lots of PSPshape sets for use in PaintShop Pro Instead of developing more and more preset shapes format files, created more and more font sets. It is very easy to convert the font designs from TTF text into standard pspshapes format - simply right click the text design and use the displayed menu to convert the vector shape into a preset shape format. You can use the font shapes also in 1000s of other applications so they are not just limited to PSP


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