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By Andrew Buckle, Updated : 2021

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Welcome to the graphicxtras.com site for tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Krita, Clip Studio Paint, Painter etc.

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The graphicxtras.com site has been running since 2009 (originally Sapphire Innovations and Abex) and has been adding more and more plugins and presets to the site. Now, the site also has 100s of tutorials on the subjects of Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo and many others all by Andrew Buckle and many of the pages also include video tutorials on the subject by Andrew Buckle giving many more details. More details about the graphicxtras.com


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From Monica Bota

Wonderful images, absolutely love them! Amazing selection to choose from. Highly recommended. It's a real pleasure to browse the site and there's always something new and a pleasant surprise. Also, easy to navigate. Thanks Andrew. Hope you never stop creating


From Iryne Cummins of Pixlwrks Studio)

I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry creator, and using the layers and strokes to create jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to PS User and tell everyone to your stuff


From Ann Brown (annbrownphotography.com)

"Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


From Carol Goodell Bingham Farms

"From my perspective, using tools from Andrew Buckle for Adobe ® PS ® leads me to places and work I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily." USA