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Presets / Tutorials For Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Illustrator And Others Beginner's Guide

By Andrew Buckle, Video Tutorial Creator / Designer

Updated : 2021

Sitemap to all our tutorials / products / freebies

Welcome to the site where you can find 100s of wonderful graphics related tutorials and a selection of commercial use presets / plugins. has been specializing in plugins and presets for Photoshop etc for 20 years, so please check out the tutorials on the site to find out how to create all kinds of amazing designs and artworks with the resources and presets available in Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo etc.

Bas relief gradients in Photoshop tutorial

bas relief gradient

How to create wonderful two color gradients using the bas relief filter in Photoshop

Frame Tool in Photoshop tutorial

frame tool

A guide to the powerful frame tool in Photoshop

Spin blur in Photoshop tutorial

spin blur

How to use the spin blur found in the blur gallery in Photoshop

Star creation in Photoshop tutorial

star shapes

How to create stars in many different ways, how to combine them, how to set different star properties etc

Gradients 32,000 Collection for Photoshop

photoshop gradients

Amazing selection of gradients for all kinds of color effects in Photoshop and elements

3D Extrusion of custom shapes in Photoshop tutorial

3d extrusion shapes

How to create amazing 3D extrusions, sketch renders, deform the shapes and more in Photoshop

Diamond shapes creation in Photoshop


How to create a diamond shape and in turn, a brush and also pattern design, hollow diamonds and more

Bristle brushes for Illustrator

bristle brushes

How to use the bristle brush feature in Illustrator with appearances, effects and more to create amazing painted designs in Illustrator

Arc tool in Illustrator tutorial

arc tool

A quick guide to the arc tool and how to use it with briistles, appearance panel, repeats and more

Blend type in Illustrator tutorial

blend type

Type can be blended in 1000s of way in Illustrator and live edited (fonts, color etc) and used with a variety of features. You can modify the spine and more.

Pie slice for Illustrator tutorial

pie slice

How to create all kinds of pie slice designs in Illustrator using transforms, width profiles, rrepeats and more.

Polar grid tutorial for Illustrator

polar grid

How to create amazing polar grid designs in Illustrator, how to add width profiles, re-color, how to break apart and more

Radial shapes creation in Illustrator tutorial


How to create a variety of radial shapes in Illustrator using a number of tools and approaches

Ripple circular creation in Illustrator tutorial

ripple circular

How to create a variety of different ripple circular artworks using grid tool along with different widths, skew, multi-circular designs and combined with the live paint bucket

Line Segment Tool in Illustrator (Live tool)

line tool

How to use the line segment tool, a live tool that can be manipulated using the end points as well as via the properties panel and strokes. Use it with a variety of different features such as the tilde key. Create complex lines or basic lines

Concentric circles in Illustrator Tutorial

concentric circles

How to create colorful concentric circles etc in Illustrator. How to vary them with effects, re-size, re-color, modify in countless ways


Starburst creation in Illustrator Tutorial


How to create starburst designs using a variety of tools such as polar tool along with the repeat feature etc. Also how to combine shapes etc to create many variants. How to create with the width profiles, brushes etc

Contour tool in Affinity Designer Tutorial

contour tool

How to use the Affinity Designer's Contour tool, how to create multi-contours, how to bake the designs, how to modify nodes, how to add the contour to open as well as closed paths.

5,000 Preset Shapes for PaintShop Pro Collection

preset shape

A massive collection of vector shapes for use in PSP (latest version as well as earlier) on the PC, the designs are all in PSPShape format. The set also includes a massive collection of EPS files as well as a number of truetype fonts and more.

Illustrator graphic styles collection - 4000+ amazing styles

corner tool

A massive collection of styles that can be applied to paths and type in Illustrator. They can modified in the appearance panel, they can be added via the graphic styles panel. All are royalty free

Corner tool in Affinity Designer Tutorial

corner tool

How to use the corner tool to round those sharp corners in Affinity Designer, applying it to multiple nodes and paths as well as how to bake the appearance.

Impressionist tool brush strokes in Photoshop tutorial

impresionist tool

How to create impressionist artwork from any image / photo / layer by using the pattern stamp brush tool along with infinite brush strokes in Adobe Photoshop.

Import Photoshop brushes into Affinity Photo Tutorial

import brushes

Photoshop brushes ABR format can be imported into Affinity Photo and used in the Paint Brush tools etc. Also how to quickly convert older format ones, also how to modify the newly imported brushes.

Spiral tool, enhance the spiral in Illustrator tutorial

spiral tool

How to add appearances, how to add brush strokes, how to manipulate the spiral, use it with repeats, add width profiles, used with the path eraser and more. The spiral can be changed in all kinds of ways

Live ellipse tutorial in Illustrator (arc / pie slices / repeats etc)

live ellipse tool

Live ellipse tool is now super versatile with many additional features via the transform panel as well as the properties panel in Illustrator

Note tool in Photoshop tutorial - Keep track

note tool

How to use the note tool to add notes in Photoshop and keep track of work done, things that need to be done, how much time has been spent on something, who has worked on things, what effects were added, sources of images etc - all via the notes.

Adobe Generator for export of assets tutorial

adobe generator

Photoshop designs can be exported from Photoshop by using the generate command and changing the layer to include percentage or scaling as well as the file name, so your design can be quickly exported in the background as a 1000% name1.jpg file as well as a SVG and PNG

Patchwork effect tutorial for Affinity Photo

symmetery dilative

All kinds of amazing designs can be created using the powerful equations filter in Affinity Photo. The equation code is for you to download and use and all you need to do is change the a and b etc parameters. You can also change the equations to create all kinds of amazing designs. An underlying source image is required so literally millions of designs are possible.

Dilative symmetry in Photoshop Tutorial

symmetery dilative

All kinds of wonderful pattern designs can be created simply from a very basic shape such as an oval or line by using the edit menu in Photoshop and the fill command with the pattern scripts on and dilative symmetry being used. You can modify the scale, width, height as well as colors to create infinite designs from the basic shape.

Slicing text in Affinity Photo Tutorial


Text in Affinity can be sliced in all kinds of ways such as horizontally, vertically etc by using filled designs as well as strokes to create all kinds of amazing lined designs as well as colorful text


Gradient maps in Photoshop tutorial

gradient map

Gradient maps in Photoshop can be applied to images as well as text and used to create all kinds of amazing effects. You can use them once or multiple times or fade the color effect as well as use them with masks and more. You can also use the gradient maps as live adjustments which can be modified at any point.


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From Monica Bota

Wonderful images, absolutely love them! Amazing selection to choose from. Highly recommended. It's a real pleasure to browse the site and there's always something new and a pleasant surprise. Also, easy to navigate. Thanks Andrew. Hope you never stop creating


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I LOVE YOUR STUFF!!! I have the craziest uses for all of this -- I'm a jewelry creator, and using the layers and strokes to create jewelry has been phenomenal! I going to write to PS User and tell everyone to your stuff


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"Thank you for having enough time on your hands to sit and create all these lovelies, Andrew. There are zillions of them and they are very affordable. I'm sure I will find many uses for them"


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"From my perspective, using tools from Andrew Buckle for Adobe ® PS ® leads me to places and work I would never have arrived at without them. The path itself is exciting and allows my artist's soul to play freely and happily." USA


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